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5 Reasons It's Time Sales Leadership Took Social Selling Seriously

sales social selling Jan 11, 2018

Article written by Jack Kosakowski.

Ok, are you a sales leader sipping on the social selling haterade?

You don’t believe it’s the “real deal?”

Thinking it’s a time suck? A bunch of fluff?

No way it will help your bottom line?

Well, in today's article I'm here to explain the five reasons it's time sales leadership took social selling seriously...

5 Reasons It's Time Sales Leadership Took Social Selling Seriously

1. Sales Is Social But Not Selling?

Your sales team is already on social every single day… Even more than you think.

You are paying for your sales team to be on social every single day. 

You can’t fight the power of social any longer.

You can let it beat you… Or you can use it to beat your revenue goals.

If you don’t believe me… Get up and walk your sales floor.

You will watch time and money getting social sucked.

The reason being… Sales understand social… You just haven’t given them the tools to show them how to use it to sell.

2. Quit Selling What You’re Not Buying

When was the last time you bought from someone you didn’t know that interrupted your day? 

Now, tell the truth… It’s OK.

When is the last time a spray and pray email got you to write a check?

Now, here’s the real question. Is that how your salespeople are selling?

If you don’t do it… Why is your sales team still spending their whole day cold dialling and spraying?

Hopefully, they don’t get you on the phone!

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3. Relax… New Tools Won’t Change Your Old Rules

Miles Austin always says that new tools don’t change old rules. 

There isn’t a better statement than this.

Social infused into your sales process isn’t going to change your current process.

Think about this real quick.  You own a truck you really like.  It’s driving like crap.  You find out you need new tires.  You get new tires on the truck and it’s back to running like it did when you bought it. Did you have to buy a new truck?  NO!  All you did was add four tires. 

Same truck… New tires.

Same concept here. 

Social Selling is going to complement your current process.  You open up new channels, new buyers, more conversations, more opportunities, and even the little things equate to more revenue!

4. Your Sales Team Has No Value Tools?

 My guess is that your team is equipped with two tools.

They have a phone and an email address.

Beautiful… They should have both of these for the “sales” conversation.

The question is, where are the tools they need to add value to the buyer outside of “selling?”

Well, social is the new shiny value tool.

Your sales team can now just quit begging and asking buyers for something all the time.

They can now give buyers what buyers are begging for… A little bit of VALUE!

5. Yes, Your Buyers Are On Social

Yes, your buyers are on social.

My question is… Are they on the other end of the ringtone?

With that being said, they aren’t ALL on social.

Your buyers aren’t all on any one channel.

They are everywhere… All channels… All times of the day.

As should your sales team be.

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In Conclusion – Wake Up Uncle Rico

Yes, everyone knows about your sales resume.

They know what you did at the last two companies.

They know how you took the sales team from one million to twenty-seven million in three years… 10 years ago.

Sorry, Uncle Rico, but that arm is getting old.

It doesn’t throw the football over the mountain like it used to.

Remember to differentiate the past with the present.

Times have changed.  Buyers have changed.  Sales has evolved.

Even better… A little social infused into your sales process never hurt anybody!

About the author: Jack Kosakowski

Jack is known for leading the charge in sales innovation. He has a proven track record of working with top organizations to help them integrate social into their traditional sales process.

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