A chef wouldn’t send a dish out of the kitchen without ensuring it tastes it’s best.

So why would you send out emails to customers without means of quality testing?

Okay, so maybe there’s a difference here. But the absence of an email testing tool is something that can lead to increased unsubscribe rates, low deliverability and much more. This not only damages your credibility as a sender but also as a business.

If you are looking for the right email marketing testing tool for your business or just evaluating how your current platform ranks against others on the market, we have all the information you need.

Without further ado, here are the best email testing tools to drive customer engagement and ensure quality comes first when delivering your message through email.

Top 10 Best Email Testing Tools (Updated 2019)

1. Email On Acid

Email On Acid Email Testing Tools

Email On Acid is an all-in-one platform for testing, optimising, spam testing and even designing your emails.  This allows for a fluid user experience no matter the device. A simple, clean and combined design is used for the main of this email testing platform, with the cross-device element allowing for 70+ device views in one view, one of the largest device counts of the top 10.

Top Features:

  • 70+ device views in one area.
  • Campaign Pre-Checks.
  • Email Editor.
  • Email Analytics.
  • Spam Filter testing.
  • Code Fixer.
  • Email Templates for design.

Price: Basic ($55 per month), Premium ($85 per month), Professional ($325 per month) – Save 20% when you pay annually.

Free-Trial: 7-day free trial

2. Litmus

Litmus Email Testing Tool

Litmus email testing platform slogan is ‘Start sending better emails today’ and it really does help the user achieve this through a huge range of features. Not only do we see advance, multi-device previews but a long list of app integrations make testing from a marketing automation platform a breeze!

The addition of detailed checklists are a confident touch, ensuring optimum results, every time.

Top Features:

  • Email Previews.
  • Step-by-step Checklists.
  • Email Analytics.
  • Highly integrated with other tools.
  • HTML Email builder and preview.
  • Spam Testing.
  • Proof and approval process.

Price: Basic ($99 per month), Plus ($199 per month), Enterprise ($Custom)

– Save 20% when you pay annually.

Free-Trial: 7-day free trial

3. Mailtrap

Mailtrap Email Testing Tool

Mailtrap operates a 3-stage process for its email testing process, isolating email testing from production. Test email notifications online, as forwards and to your regular inboxes without sending to your mailer lists.

Mailtrap is 99% Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo compatible due to not needing additional stylesheets or CSS resetting and contains a world of web developer goodies to further increase user experience.

Top Features:

  • Analyse emails for spam and blacklists.
  • Test HTML for support by common email clients.
  • Auto-forward emails to people that need them.
  • Share inboxes with teams.
  • RESTful and POP3 API intergrations.
  • Quick setup using config code.
  • Secure by default (HTTPS and TLS).

Price: Individual ($9.99 per month), Team ($24.99 per month), Business ($49.99), Premium ($99.99), Enterprise ($299.99)

– Save 20% when you pay annually.

Free-Trial: No free-trial, but you can open a free account for life with limited capabilities whilst working out if this email testing tool is right for you.

4. GlockApps

GlockApps Email Testing Tool

GlockApps is a multi-tool for email testing that uses a three-step method to ensure all of your content is optimised to improve the performance of marketing campaigns. Deliverability, Content Analysis and Suggestions are the three main pillars for testing, allowing real-time problem solving to ensure speedy resolution of any issues so you can get your emails out quickly, confidently and on time!

Top Features:

  • Inbox Rate Tracking.
  • Spam Score Testing.
  • Delivery Duration Tracking.
  • Identify Risky Content.
  • Gmail Tab Tracking.
  • Reputation Testing.
  • Comprehensive Feedback.

Price: Basic ($49 per month), Business ($99 per month), Marketing ($199)

– Pay-per-test account allows 1 user 100 span tests for a lifetime fee of $25.

Free-Trial: No free-trial, but you can make use of 3 spam tests to trial the service.

5. PutsMail

PutsMail Email Testing Tool

PutsMail is an email marketing testing tool owned by Litmus, offering a free platform to test both email HTML and CSS code. Simply copy across your code, recipients and/or CSS code and have previews generated in over 50 devices!

The benefits of using PutsMail include Apple Watch support, something other major email testing tools don’t preview.

Top Features:

  • No subscription required for full use.
  • Support for Apple Watch.
  • Direct code input.
  • Debugging support.
  • 50+ devices supported.
  • Reputable testing platform.
  • Comprehensive Feedback.

Price: FREE for life.

Free-Trial: N/A.

6. Sender Score

SenderScore Email Marketing Email Testing Tool

Sender Score is an email programme health measuring tool that allocates a score between 0 and 100, identifying sender reputation. Think of this tool as an insight into the consideration you need to take such as spam complaints, blacklists and sending to new, unknown, users.

A full breakdown of the score is issued to allow for work on increasing your sender score health and ensuring you mailers are sent in the healthiest way.

Top Features:

  • No paid subscription required for full use.
  • Full IP or domain support.
  • Full breakdown of measurements.
  • Advice and suggestions to increase score.
  • Library of free guides and reports.
  • Recognised globally.

Price: FREE. View a partial report by simply inputting an IP address or domain OR register for an account (free) to gain a wider understanding of the metrics that matter.

Free-Trial: N/A

7. SubjectLine.com

SubjectLine Email Testing Tool 2019

SubjectLine.com uses data from over 6 million emails and tests to evaluate and analyse your subject lines. A free to use tool, simply copy across the desired subject line and it will pick out both improvements and gains you have/ require, offering sound advise to drive you in the right direction.

Top Features:

  • No paid subscription required for full use.
  • Based on historical, real data.
  • Data updated on a daily basis.
  • Simple results and advice layout.
  • No limits to test numbers.

Price: FREE. This email marketing testing tool however does require sign-up to continue use in the long term.

Free-Trial: N/A

8. SendForensics

SendForensics Email Testing Tool Suite

Claiming to be the most advanced email deliverability and engagement toolset, SendForensics is more than just an email testing tool, it’s a testing suite. Simply send your emails to them and using a 2-step process (pre-send and post-send) the tool will check such features as blacklists, content analysis, ISP reputation, DMARC Compliance and much more!

A more advanced testing function than most platforms on the market.

Top Features:

  • Unique deliverability score tool.
  • Detailed content analysis and optimisation.
  • Comprehensive infrastructure audits.
  • Live inbox placement testing.
  • Huge number of ESP plugins.

Price: Package A ($49 per month), Package B ($79 per month), Package C ($199 per month), Integrations (from $399 per month). All packages offer an advance on user and domain numbers as you increase.

Free-Trial: No free-trial, but you can sign-up for a free account to familiarise with features prior to committing to full spend.

9. [email protected]

Testi@ Email Testing Tool

[email protected] is a simple and visually appealing testing tool that offers a wide range of features for emails in an easy to use layout.

The main benefit of this platform is its reduced price against major competitors, starting from as little as $12 per user per month. A free spam test tool offers that final deliverability check for all round confident email testing.

Top Features:

  • 65+ email clients supported.
  • Email attachment testing feature.
  • Large support for Apple device testing.
  • Built in spam testing and diagnostic features.
  • Reduced monthly costs against other testing platforms.

Price: Pro Testing Account from $12 per month. This increases by multiples of $12 for every added user up to 5 users.

Free-Trial: No free-trial, but you can sign-up for a free account to familiarise with features prior to committing to full spend.

10. PilotMailer

PilotMailer Email Testing Tool

PilotMailer is a new email testing tool to the market, currently in BETA testing. Offering a clean design, easy to navigate site structure and some cool features such as dual-part testing and auto inline CSS all for no subscription fee!

Use the built-in HTML editor to tweak bugged elements before sending onto your recipients from within the platform.

Top Features:

  • Inbuilt HTML editor to real-time edit your code.
  • Send tests to up to 10 recipients.
  • Test both plain text and HTML versions together.
  • Auto aligns CSS when input.
  • No monthly costs and no limits of number of tests or users.

Price: FREE! Simple sign-up and login usage.

Free-Trial: N/A.

It’s simple. Testing your email content before sending out real-time is a crucial step to ensure you keep your database engaged, business reputation high and deliver work you have confidence in. It doesn’t have to be expensive either, above we see how FREE tools can offer quality features, and that more advanced features don’t have to break a budget.

Onboard an email marketing testing tool today and start saying goodbye to spam traps, un-responsive content and poor performance and hello to high engagement, stronger templates and better results!


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