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What is Skills Lab?

Skills Lab is a resource for every hungry sales and marketer with a passion for expanding their knowledge in the consistent growing marketing and sales industry. We have various courses available for purchase, along with free access to previous seminars.

To top it off, we've even decided to give you FREE access to all of our on-demand webinars where you can learn the best strategies, tips and secrets in sales, social selling and marketing.

Who are we?

We are a bunch of experts in sales, social selling and marketing. We are passionate about the industry and are keen to help you expand your knowledge in those areas.

Here's a quick overview of the team.


Why did we create Skills Lab?

Jason Sibley and Jack Kosakowski created Skills Lab as a learning platform for those who are keen to improve their sales and marketing skills. We achieve this by delivering high-quality actionable courses starting from only $9.99.

That's the cost of two Starbucks coffees. But yet $199's worth of value.

If you think you're ready to expand your knowledge, enroll on our courses today.


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