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What you'll learn:

  • How to identify key influencers in your industry
  • How to build the relationship with key influencers in your space
  • Key strategies sales can leverage as value tools to get inside their networks
  • Engagement strategies leveraging influencers for referrals

How Salespeople Can Leverage Industry Influencers To Drive More Deals

Completed Webinars:

  • "The Actionable "HOW" Sales Can Start Integrating Social Into Their Sales Process" (Access Now)
  • "How To Create A Social Selling KPI Strategy That Drives Results & Revenue" (Access Now)
  • "Using Social Analytics Tools to better understand your buyer" (Access Now)
  • "How To Leverage Content In The Sales Process To Close More Business" (Access Now)
  • "How You Can Use Snapchat to Grow Your Business or Personal Brand" (Access Now)
  • "How Sales Can Leverage Instagram To Get The Competitive Advantage" (Access Now)
  • "How Sales Professionals Can Create A Digital Footprint In 2017" (Access Now)
  • "How To Get C-Suite To Invest In A Long-Term Social Selling Program" (Access Now)
  • "5 Step Process To Become A Social Selling High Performer" (Access Now)
  • "How Salespeople Can Use Video To Close Deals" (Access Now)
  • "Creative Sales Strategies When Selling To Laggard Markets" (Access Now)
  • "Why You Suck at Sales and How To Fix It" (Access Now)
  • "How To Create A Multi-Channel Conversation Process In Sales Today" (Access Now)
  • "How To Build A World-Class Sales Organization “Modeling Awesome”"(Access Now)
  • "How Salespeople Can Leverage Industry Influencers To Drive More Deals" (Access Now)