Do you have the latest brief on content marketing statistics in 2019? Well, if you don’t, your campaign is missing out. Majorly.

How so? Let’s just say that the long-heralded concept of information being power rings quite true. Nowhere more loudly than in the entrepreneurial world.

As a marketer, you’ll probably feel much safer placing your bets on a sure thing. A good comprehension of how the data on content marketing works will prove invaluable to your planning.

In addition to this, such kind of data will inform you on how to deliver your content to various audiences.

While it’s true that all this is material freely available to everyone on the web, it may be a tricky engagement getting down to the specifics.

That’s where we step in.

Having analyzed the most essential pointers in the marketing realm, it’s safe to say that we know our stuff. Our breakdown of the key content marketing statistics will succinctly elaborate the power contained therein.

Fundamentally, we’ll help you come up with data-backed solutions that will land you more leads.

Let’s dive right in.

Why It’s Important to Use Content Marketing in Business

Irrespective of your field of trade, content marketing is of the essence. Not only does it help you build trust, foster customer relations and get more leads, but it has also now become the norm when it comes to consumer interaction.

This evolution in interaction means that it is much riskier failing to consider the pros of content marketing.

Some platforms like Instagram have greatly come to shape the happenings in the food, fashion and travel industries to great lengths. On the other hand, software companies have become the go-to places in offering alluring eBooks and insightful how-to videos. Not to be left aside, businesses in the finance world have devised apps and plenty of tools in order to enhance transparency and convenience levels.

Great Value

With each passing day, great content is increasingly being appreciated by the modern consumer.

Content marketing has played a pivotal role in shaping the customer-centric world we live in. Some brands like Nike stand out because they seem to represent much more than the sporting aspect. The company has been able to make forays into popular culture by partnering up with celebrities and raising awareness of societal matters.

Such advances in content marketing have given consumers entire ecosystems to form real connections with brands they like.

It’s quite remarkable where content marketing currently is at and where it’s headed, especially if you consider that it started as a substitute to the adage. Neglecting content marketing today may have a potentially harmful effect on your bottom-line tomorrow.

To avoid playing catch-up, it’s best to tap into the content marketing world today.

Learning about Audiences

Content marketing can be incredibly useful to you as a marketer. The data you’ll obtain from seeing consumers move along the customer journey will prove helpful in learning more about them.

Tracking using automation tools and CRM will place you at an advantage since you’ll be able to formulate better buyer personas, come up with accurate representations of different buyer segments and enhance personalization.

SEO Strategy

Content marketing works hand-in-hand with SEO. The more current, relevant and insightful your posts are, the more likely you are to benefit from Google’s algorithm. This is because Google has optimized their platform to rank websites with well-crafted content higher up the search results.

Your Competition

It’s high time to embrace content marketing today more than ever.

This is because there’s a good chance your competitors are already adept at it.

If your target audience is already enjoying the benefits of content marketing like personalized emails, exciting video tutorials, vast blog libraries and social media outreach from the competition, it’s going to be hard to dissuade them from following such brands.

Businesses are increasingly embracing content marketing because it helps establish them as authorities in their field. While this may take time to happen, establishing trust has been proven as being the most effective way to grow audiences.

To get started, you need to evaluate the resources at your disposal. Then, come up with a strategy which ensures you’re able to deliver quality products with a synchronized brand message.

After that, you need to keep re-tweaking your brand strategy as you learn more about your clients.

Steady interaction with your customers will help foster a good relationship with them.

Without further ado, here’s the latest content marketing statistics for 2019.

40 Content Marketing Statistics 2019

1) Content marketing considerably outperforms paid search. Researchers have been able to show that content marketing generates about 3 times more leads for every dollar spent. (Source)

2) About 90% of B2B buyers have expressed that online content greatly influences their purchasing decisions. (Source)

3) Research has proven that content marketing generates more than three times as many leads as outbound marketing. Costs are also reported to be 62% less. (Source)

4) Long blog posts tend to generate about 9X more leads than shorter blogs. Topics involving personal development and finance have also been noted to have longer posts than those in the gossip and gadget niches. (Source)

5) About 50% of the population, aged 18-49 years old access news through online platforms. This number means that TV has substantially lost a following to the internet.

Since brands need to be around where the masses have their eyes and ears tuned to, having an online presence is of the essence. (Source)

6) Notably, 86% of B2C marketers believe that content marketing is integral to their operations. (Source)

7) About 80% of executives have been noted to prefer content marketing than paid ads when it comes to learning about businesses. Investing in content marketing is a sure-fire way to impress the movers and shakers in business. (Source)

8) A large fraction of internet users, about 77%, actively read blogs. This means that even small businesses can amass a following by simply posting blogs on the regular. (Source)

9) A significant portion of B2B buyers, about 95%, have expressed that content plays a significant role when they’re weighing the advantages of a product. (Source)

10) Content optimization is important because about 95% of consumers only review the first page of search results. (Source)

11) Compared to all other marketing efforts, content marketing reign supreme when it comes to building trust. The subtle approach employed means that benefits are only realizable in the long term. (Source)

12) White papers have become revered in the content marketing world. About 78% of buyers’ decisions are said to have been influenced after reading content. White papers, in particular, have a special place in many buyers’ hearts. (Source)

13) Content marketing has an edge over traditional marketing methods when it comes to conversions. Data shows that content marketing is 6 times more powerful than all traditional marketing approaches. (Source)

14) Content creation has proven to be the most effective SEO technique out there. Blog content in particular places you at an advantage over businesses that refrain from publishing content. From a numbers perspective, you’ll have about 434% more search engine-indexed pages. (Source)

15) 45% of internet users in the globe aged between 25-34 years old tune into podcasts every once in a while. (Source)

16) Approximately 58% of marketers have expressed that original written content is the centerpiece of their digital marketing efforts. This study revealed that content ranked higher than visual assets like video and infographics. (Source)

17) Establishments that post more than 16 monthly blog posts are assured of generating at least 3.5 times more traffic than businesses with less than 4 blog posts. Heavy investment is thus needed in order to land ideal leads. (Source)

18) About 60% of marketers have shared that content is alluring because of its versatility and the fact that it’s reusable. On average, many of them have confessed to reusing and repurposing content not less than 2 times. (Source)

19) A substantial 40% of millennials trust video content. A study revealed that about 50% of respondents between the ages 18-34 were willing to pause their engagement just to watch new videos. (Source)

20) Marketers who employ video content for promotion land about 66% more leads per annum. (Source)

21) Going forward, the projections reveal that video is likely going to comprise 82% of internet traffic by 2021. (Source)

22) Almost 20% of Americans actively engage with audiobooks. This number has been slowly growing given the fast adoption of mobile devices in the country. Given the fact that the typical American has read 4 books in the last year, audiobooks are increasingly being seen as the next big thing. (Source)

23) An impressive 40% of Americans tune into podcasts every once in a while. This means that a large fraction of the population is getting insights into various topics through audio channels. (Source)

24) The estimates show that 15% of the American population listens to a podcast at least once every week. (Source)

25) An incredible 49% of podcast listeners do so from the comfort of their homes. 22% of podcast enthusiasts listen in while in their cars. A report by the State of Inbound was able to show that given these impressive numbers, almost 11% of marketers were exploring podcasting. (Source)

26) Content that incorporates images tends to fair much better than those without. Part of the reason behind this lies in the fact that marketers are able to mesh the best of both worlds, insightful copy and picturesque images. (Source)

27) Infographics are the most shared visual stats in the marketing world. This can largely be attributed to the fact that 84% of marketers find them effective. (Source)

28) Brands are increasingly moving away from traditional forms of marketing. About 28% of marketers have divulged that they’ve lowered expenditure in advertising budgets in order to entice prospects using content marketing. (Source)

29) Content marketing offers excellent long-term Return on Investment (ROI). On average, about 1 in 10 blog posts usually experience the compounding effect. Such posts can significantly drive up traffic to a site in little to no time. (Source)

30) Content still remains focal to many marketers’ strategy. About 81% of marketers have professed to basing their future campaigns on the power of original written content. (Source)

31) Well crafted content usually delivers excellent results. Research shows that compounding blog posts are responsible for 38% of all the blog traffic on the web.

Excitingly, a single compounding blog posts can account for traffic which is the equivalent of 6 normal blog posts. (Source)

32) Webinars are important when it comes to lead generation. A survey conducted on marketers by Wyzowl comprehensively showed that 87% of them found them to be effective. (Source)

33) Incredibly, a third of all webinar signups usually happen on the day of the webinar. (Source)

34) Webinar marketing is an excellent content strategy. About 20-40% of attendees usually become leads. (Source)

35) Interactive content like quizzes and contests have been gaining prominence in the marketing world. A CMI research has shown that they rank highly as the most engaging content on the web. (Source)

36) 93% of marketers believe interactive content is effective when it comes to landing leads. (Source)

37) As the march towards enhanced tech picks pace, Cisco believes that we’re set to see a rapid 20 times adaption rate by 2021. New avenues like Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are likely to spearhead the campaign. (Source)

38) Content is vital in helping marketers lead prospect further along the sales funnel. About 48% of marketers use specialized content to guide 3-5 of their clients through the various buying stages. (Source)

39) 53% of website visitors tend to leave a website if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. As such, you need to optimize your page for mobile conversions. (Source)

40) About 64% of B2B buyers expressed that podcasts were helpful at the top-of-the-funnel. The same report showed that 48% of buyers greatly benefited from webinars mid-way through their buying journey. (Source)


Content marketing is integral in the brave new world of marketing. The key reason why this is so is that it offers an efficient and compelling way for marketers to tell their narrative subtly. Importantly, it works. The above-listed content marketing statistics 2019 go a long way in proving this is the case beyond reasonable doubt.

That said, to achieve monumental success, you’ll need to be consistent in your approach and persist.

Only then, will you be able to get results.


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