We’re very proud to announce that SkillsLab has been selected as a launch partner for a new and exciting social network, called Howdoo.

SkillsLab is a global resource hub for every hungry sales and marketer with a passion for expanding their knowledge in the consistent growing marketing and sales industry. Providing high-quality resources, SkillsLab helps its users learn more about sales and marketing for all size businesses through both free and premium courses, webinars and actionable content.

In its second year, SkillsLab has over 10,000 monthly visits from around the world, with the majority of visitors being located in USA and UK. The digital world has changed a great deal in the last several years, it’s important that businesses stay up-to-date with these ever-changing sales and marketing trends and that’s what SkillsLab is best at doing, teaching it’s users about the best new strategies available for generating more sales, traffic and leads. The key things that matter for business growth and increase social presence.

Providing up-to-date content and actionable strategies to thousands of our active members and blog readers, SkillsLab has to stay ahead of the game and that led SkillsLab to embark on a journey discovering a new social network, Howdoo.

Howdoo offers all of the features without any data or advertising issues that are on-going with other social networks. The platform will allow new and innovative ways for content creators to monetise their value with their fans. From a user perspective they truly believe people will flock to Howdoo on launch, and from a marketing perspective, they want to be there with their clients to welcome them in.

With Howdoo’s innovative use of the blockchain and the inflationary inbuilt currency to fund the application hosting, means that users are no longer the product.

All advertising in the platform will be user permission based. People will be required to opt-in to receive adverts and they will have complete control as to the terms of that advertising. There is also an opportunity to reward all users that allow advertising, and this is very powerful, as people will be paid for their attention.

In explaining why SkillsLab were so keen to become a launch partner, SkillsLab’s Content Marketing Manager, Gareth O’Sullivan explained;

“We’re proud to be a launch partner for Howdoo, and look forward to migrating our community to the platform on launch. We’ll be creating unique value-added content for Howdoo, and will run a weekly show featuring a global sales and marketing influencers Jack Kosakowski and Jason Sibley. For launch we’ll also have a special offer for all new Howdoo members, giving free access to our paid courses worth £450. Once live, we also look forward to running promotion campaigns across the site, as we do today on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin.”

Howdoo launches in December and SkillsLab are busy getting their content and users ready to take advantage of this new upcoming social platform.


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