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Injecting Fun Into Your Brand’s Copy

One of the things we preach about the way copy is presented is its very layout. The text has to be in harmony with the planned visuals. I cannot stress enough how there needs to be a proper harmony between writing and graphics. A huge no-no – which we still commonly see in marketing – is the ‘wall…

7 Instagram Content Ideas You Can Start Doing Right Now

On the SkillsLab blog, we’ve covered various Instagram articles. Instagram Basics: What Makes A Great Post? 10 Brilliant Tools That Will Make You Into An Instagram Content Creation Wizard 5 Brilliant Ideas For Businesses To Utilise Instagram Stories What we haven’t covered already, are Instagram content ideas that you can start doing right away. In this…

Instagram Basics: What Makes A Great Post?

For the next part of the series of posts dedicated to helping you improve your social posting, we’ll be taking a look at a platform with 700 million monthly active users – Instagram. As Instagram is an image-based social platform, this time around you’ll be able to find tips on creating the best eye-catching image posts, as…