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3 Powerful Social Selling Conversation Starters

Social selling is all about a shift in sales. People are turned off by the traditional sales methods now, where we as buyers are more informed and the salesperson holds less of the cards as they used to. Sales in the 1960’s was about how the salesperson had all of the information and knowledge, and…

7 Tips for Publishing A Powerful LinkedIn Post

For the third post of this series, we’ll be looking at LinkedIn Since going public in 2011, LinkedIn has gained over 332 million members, with 2 new users joining every second. Now, as one of these members, can you honestly say you’ve used LinkedIn as anything other than a place to post your CV and qualifications?…

5 Brilliant Ideas for Businesses to Utilise Instagram Stories

With Instagram having over 600 million monthly active users, it can be very tough stand out. You’ll want to do as much as you can, which includes utilising Instagram stories. Here are our top 5 ideas for businesses to utilise Instagram stories. 1. Special Offers Research has shown nearly a third of online shoppers use social media channels…