Some of the most successful companies make good use of B2B Email Marketing Tips. Ever since the tech bubble exploded to life at the turn of the millennium, a lot has changed. Marketers have changed their tune many a time about what works and what doesn’t. Through it all, email marketing has been a force to reckon with.

When it comes to B2B marketing, email has been the stealthy saber-toothed tiger that has always delivered a kill. A recent survey highlighted that about 87% of B2B marketers rely on email to generate new leads.

It would be remiss for us not to point out that email marketing has been given a lot of bad rap by many. However, much of the hate has been caused by a lack of understanding. We’ll be looking to provide insights on email marketing tips while demystifying a couple of myths along the way. The focus will be on steering your email marketing campaigns to drive more engagement and returns.

B2B Email Marketing

1. Picky Does It

While having a large email list can have its benefits, there’s a lot of hit and miss involved. To grow your audience and boost engagement, you need to pick the right kind of people. Instead of buying email subscribers from third-party vendors, you should instead make adjustments to the approach.

Growing a permission-based subscriber base may take time, but, it is very rewarding. To get started, you should focus on offering sign up opportunities where the customers frequent. Subscribers should also receive incentives to sign up like exclusive content and consultation services. You need to categorize subscribers according to how far along they are on the convincing process. This allows you to specifically target their needs and wants. From then henceforth, you can borrow a leaf from the old helmsman nautical phrase “steady as she goes.” It’s a slow, but sure process.

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2. Flaunt It

There’s a lot of similarity between B2B email marketing and content marketing. To earn your stripes as a B2B marketer, you need to showcase some know-how in your niche. While at it, it’s good practice to try getting all subscribers to the very top of the sales funnel. All you really need to do this is inform them just how revolutionary your products and services are. Once they gain an appreciation of what you could do for them, they are more likely to hop on the train.

You can draw quotes from successful correspondents and share the endorsements. By doing so, you will organically multiply your audience since you’ll be aiming for the trust tendons. Of all the email marketing tips, this particular one carries a lot of significance. This is because it informs all your future strategies going forward.

3. Cross-Sell

When you have multiple products and services to offer clients, you need to pursue creative ways to get them to their doorsteps. B2B email marketing is an excellent platform for you to do this. You can segment your email list into classes based on their subscription to particular services. Having numerous groupings allows you to target specific individuals.

To successfully cross-sell, you need to promote “other” services to people who share similar tastes. By developing a relationship between the first and other services, you can deliver a pitch on their interdependence without it all appearing forced. Gradually, you’ll be able to unlock new markets and enhance your numbers.

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4. Subject Line

There are many B2B email marketing tips out there and most seem to constantly stress about the body of the email. Fascinatingly, there’s an oft-overlooked section. A study by Invesp showed that about 69% of email recipients judge an email as spam worthy based on the subject line. Interestingly, 47 % of recipients decided to view their emails based on the subject lines.

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From this information, it’s safe to say that the subject line is crucial. It is through the subject line that readers decide whether they wish to engage further or not. Since first impressions count when it comes to email marketing, you should seek to astound and spike interest right from the off. The most effective subject lines are concise and compelling enough for readers to open the email.

5. That Personal Touch

When it comes to B2B email marketing tips, this technique employs the most psychological indulgence. Naturally, many of us are ego-centric. We are more inclined to respond to situations if we feel that they are directed towards us.

Therefore, you need to tailor all emails with specific individuals in mind. The simple things like acknowledging the date of birth of recipients can go a long way in improving your engagement level. Thank you messages also work quite well. In essence, the more personalized the message, the better.

To succeed at this email marketing tip, you should collect information from your audience as much as you can. Then, make utility of this information to craft your emails. The best way to source information is a methodical approach. In the welcome email, you can seek to learn about what motivated them to become part of the team. Once a response comes through, you have the green light to enquire more. Relationship building is part of the process.

6. Interactivity

Many a time, readers hardly have the time to peruse through web-page links in your email. The reasons may vary from a lack of incentive to poor connection speeds. While email links are perfectly understandable, they are not the best way for B2B marketers to connect with audiences.

Most B2B email marketing tips fail to showcase how interactivity can boost conversions. A well-crafted interactive email is akin to a web-page. Recipients do not have to perform other tasks other than reading the email. The email can incorporate tasks like form filling, quizzes and rating products and services. Readers are more likely to engage with your emails if they offer one-stop-shop solutions.

As a B2B marketer, you should research on which platform can support this kind of technology before emailing your list. Ideally, the platform should be selected with the chief objective of the campaign in mind. Quizzes and animations have been known to boost engagement levels. On the other hand, embedded forms are perfect for information collection. Whatever the goal is, you should select the platform that best encompasses your needs.

7. Mobile Optimization

Mobile optimization should be at the crux of all B2B email marketing tips. Information releases by Statista shows that mobile devices account for 52% of all web page views. Notably, the Asian region of the world leads the pack with an impressive 65%. To ensure that your audience is aware of your brand, you should ensure that all your emails are mobile optimized.

Everything from the email template to the content structure needs to be developed with the mobile phone in mind. The most vital information needs to be at the very top and sentences need to be brief and concise. The buttons and links should also be large enough to allow quick access.

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