Today, you’re going to discover some of the best use cases of AR marketing.

The best part?

They’re very cool and will most likely give you some inspiration to get started.

Without further ado, let’s dive in.

So, why AR Marketing?

Augmented Reality is one of the most trending topics in marketing this year and that won’t be stopping any time soon. With large tech companies such as Apple, Google, Facebook and even brands such as IKEA and L’Oreal developing incredible AR marketing experiences, now is definitely the time to get started.

Best AR Marketing Campaigns
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The best thing about AR marketing is that you don’t require any fancy technology like headsets for virtual reality experiences.

Instead, you simply pick up your smartphone and try out the new augmented reality experiences.

The result?

This makes it even easier to attract and reach a larger audience.

So, you might be wondering how you can utilise augmented reality to promote your brand further?

Well, if that’s the case, check out the below examples of successful AR marketing.

The Best AR Marketing Examples


When it comes to designing your home, office or any particular place, it can be quite tough. With the help of IKEA’s AR smartphone app, users can swipe through various different categories of products and can virtually place them in their living room, bedroom, kitchen, outside etc in order to see what it would look like. This has helped customers determine whether the product will be a good fit and if so, purchase directly from the app. A simple yet extremely effective idea to help simplify decisions and increase sales.

Stranger Things AR World Lens

Another fantastic AR marketing example is from the team at Netflix where they partnered up with Snapchat to launch a unique fun 3D world lens that was compatible with iPhone 6S and above. The point of this AR marketing strategy was to promote the release of the second series coming to Netflix.

This particular AR marketing was very successful and allowed Snapchat users to wander through a portal into Joyce Byers living room, allowing users to tap different elements to reveal surpises.

If you’ve got an older phone, you weren’t forgotten about. Netflix also created a face filter that allowed users to get Eleven’s signature nosebleed.

The Walking Dead: Our World AR App

After huge success from Pokémon Go, the team at The Walking Dead decided to follow the footsteps and create an AR location-based experience game called The Walking Dead: Our World. Availailable on iOS and Android, users fight off walkers in locations such as the park and your own home. Another successful AR marketing example.

Ready Player One – Facebook AR Effects

If you’ve ever looked at a movie poster and got interested but wanted to know a little more, then this AR marketing strategy would be right up your street. Facebook app users were able to scan a poster and access special 3D content to discover more about the Spielberg’s ‘Ready Player One’ film.

WWF Free Rivers AR

AR marketing is perfect for companies looking to educate their audience. World Wildlife Fund looked to Augmented Reality as a way to help users learn about the environment and explore an entire world of wildlife, people and rivers. They achieved their goal by launching the WWF Free Rivers AR app on iOS and Android devices.

Once downloaded and opened, you’ll be able to move around, zoom and tap various elements to reveal more information. There are many different terrains and habitats as you move around the world. This was a very successful AR marketing campaign as it’s helped users learn more about the world in an exciting and fun way.

AR Marketing example
Credit: WWF

Unbelievable Bus Shelter – Pepsi Max AR Marketing

Probably one of the most creative and successful AR marketing campaigns we’ve seen. The way Pepsi Max utilised AR marketing was brilliant. Back in 2014 Pepsi entertained London commuters by launching an AR bus shelter where it featured people in a fun world of aliens, UFOs, and robots taking over their surroundings. It bought many smiles to people’s faces and went viral due to the uniqueness and creativity of this campaign.


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