In the new age, the internet rules supreme. Video has become an integral part of our daily lives, thus, having the right YouTube marketing strategies in place is quintessential for brands to achieve success.

The passage of time has seen an uptake in our interaction with technological devices. Recently, there has been an upsurge in smartphone and tablets use to search the web and interact with content. In contrast, there has been a decline in the rate at which people use their desktop and laptop computers to browse the web.

Incredibly, digital technology has become cheaper with the passage of time. Thus, there currently exists no monetary boundaries restricting people from viewing content online. At the moment, it’s safe to say that video interaction has been on the up.

Given the fact that content marketing has been evolving with the times, video seems like the new frontier on which all future battles will be fought. Effective content marketing dictates catering exactly to the needs of consumers. Whenever they want it, however, they want it.

The statistics show that by 2019, about 80% of all web traffic will largely be video based. Already, the impact of video can be visibly seen in the way videos boost any site’s SEO.

When it comes to the power of videos, the proof of the pudding lies in the eating. About 65% of corporate decision makers immediately visit a marketer’s website right after viewing a branded video. From this number, 39% of the top brass in the business scene proceed to contact the vendor directly after viewing a branded video.

Research has also shown that videos are shared about 1,200% more than both texts and links combined. YouTube happens to provide the perfect platform for such content to receive worldwide exposure.

YouTube Marketing Strategies to Consider

There are numerous hacks you can employ in order to make your brand an online sensation whilst monetizing your efforts. We’ll be looking into a couple of strategies every business should consider.

1. Viral is Where the Action Is At

Whether you’re a new brand or struggling to establish yourself in the world scene, creating viral videos should be the chief agenda on the menu. That way, you can get to increase your exposure and drive traffic.

While creating viral videos sounds like an easy process, in truth, it’s not. Why? Because almost everyone is trying to create the next viral video online. Thus, it’s easier to fail than succeed.

Irrespective of this fact, it’s always advisable to try out creating a viral video simply because numerous brands have made some good dough through viral video campaigns.

Simplicity is an essential ingredient when it comes to viral videos. This is because people tend to have shorter attention spans. In addition, no one on social media really wants to spend an eternity watching a lengthy video. A well-made video needs to be about 2 minutes long, not short enough, yet still, not too lengthy.

The uniqueness of a video tends to determine just how much headway it’s able to make when compared to the competition. If a video has that extra oomph, it’s much more likely to stand out from the crowd.

Viral videos need to be timely and have some relevance to the current topics around the world. Thus, most effective YouTube marketing strategies require marketers to stay up to date with the news.

2. Advertise

Most people think of employing Google AdWords and/or Facebook to conduct their advertising campaigns. While these tools provide excellent platforms to market products, ignoring the power of YouTube can at times prove too costly.

Amazingly, YouTube is generally cheaper compared to the above-mentioned options. In addition, YouTube also facilitates specialized targeting of groups and individuals. You can tailor your content on YouTube to focus on specific demographics, devices, interests, contextual keywords and topics.

Importantly, advertising on YouTube does not necessarily require you to embed videos on your page in order to advertise. Brands are always on the lookout for active accounts that are seeking to utilize the power of YouTube marketing. Of course, having video content can greatly help in growing your audience.

3. Engage With the Community

Engaging with the YouTube community is just one of the sustainable YouTube marketing strategies you can employ. When you frequently engage with your audience, you’re soon bound to create an avid set of followers.

Creating meaningful content, not just to fit the viral video narrative is quite important in ensuring that people get to appreciate your efforts. A good video needs to be exciting, informative and relevant to the audience.

At the same time, consistently producing videos on a regular basis can do your site the world of good. It’s practically the same concept that we employ on our social media pages and blogs. Consistency helps ensure that other users remain engaged with what one has to say and offer.

To ensure that the community always relates to what you have on offer, create a theme and stick to it. When it comes to videos, familiarity breeds appreciation. This is because having a relatable script and theme in place helps people become comfortable with your brand.

4. Influencers for the Win!

One of the most rewarding YouTube marketing strategies involves collaborating with influencers. Getting mentions from YouTube stars can lead to newer people following your page and increase traffic.

At present, YouTube stars are found in great numbers and they run various channels dedicated to different niches. The trick lies in finding the right influencer who shares similar interests with your brand.

The major advantage of using an influencer to grow your audience is because of the power of word of mouth. Even though the video is now taking the world by storm, there’s a good reason for that.

Word of mouth recommendations gets spread like wildfire. Comprehensively, you can get to reach a wider audience simply by tapping up an influencer to collaborate in the promotion of your brand.

Parting Shot

There are numerous YouTube marketing strategies that one can harness in order to grow their audience. The aforementioned tips highlight some of the brilliant strategies you can employ to boost the profile of your brand. Ultimately, the decision on which route you’re looking to go lies with you.


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