Today, I’m going to show you where to find the top Twitter hashtags.

However, they won’t just be any old hashtags.

You’ll discover where to find the most relevant and highly recommended hashtags for increasing exposure and engagement by your target audience.

Let’s dive right in.

Why use Twitter hashtags

Using Twitter hashtags increases your chances of reaching a larger audience.

Depending on the hashtags you include, you may receive more engagement and if that’s the case, your tweet will be displayed in the “Top Tweets” section – maximising both reach and engagement.

Twitter hashtags can help prospects come across your content. If they like what they see, they may end up following you, getting in touch or even visiting your website directly and becoming a lead/customer.

Where to find top Twitter hashtags?

Believe it or not, finding top Twitter hashtags is actually fairly easy.

Here are X free hashtag generator tools that will identify the most relevant top Twitter hashtags based on a specific keyword you enter. These tools are listed in no particular order. They are all very handy and can be used for other social networks like Facebook and Instagram too.

Without further ado, here are the best tools to find top Twitter hashtags;


One of our favourites for identifying what hashtags to use on Twitter is the RiteTag extension. This tool specialises in providing instant hashtag suggestions for images and texts on desktop and mobile. Based on real time hashtag engagement.

RiteTag Twitter Hashtags

It’s extremely simple to use and also integrates with many other tools including Buffer, Hootsuite, HubSpot, Later, Sprout Social and many more. If you’d rather not install the extension, then you browse the web base version which will do the exact same yet provide further information allowing you to dive deeper into the statistics.

RiteTag Twitter Hashtag Analytics

Get It: RiteTag

Tager – Hashtag generator & analytics

Just like the tool above, this hashtag generator for Twitter and Instagram allows users to both popular and related hashtags based on keywords entered. There’s no need to visit a website, just simply install the Chrome extension and you’ll be able to discover the hashtags worth using in your social media posts.

Tager Twitter Hashtags

Get It: Tager


Another simple yet effective and easy to use Twitter hashtag tool is HashAtIt. They class themselfs as the ‘Ultimate Social Media Search Engine’ and offer the ability to search for Hashtags, Keywords, URLs, and @mentions across a wide range of social networks.

HashAtIt Twitter Hashtag Tool

Enter your keyword and click search. The website will then perform a search across the social networks to find the latest trending hashtags that are worth using to increase engagement and reach. You’ll see examples of content that has received a lot of engagements, giving you an overview whether you want to use those hashtags or not.

Get It: HashAtIt



The #HashtagsForLikes website focuses on sharing the top Twitter hashtags for a range of topics. You can browse those featured on the homepage or simply enter a keyword.

Get it: #HashtagsForLikes

All Hashtag

To generate a list of top Twitter hashtags from this tool, enter your keyword in the search function, select “top” and then click “Generate”.


The tool will then display the most suitable hashtags related to the specific keyword.


Get it: All Hashtag


The Hashtagify Twitter hashtags tool not only allows users to search for specific hashtags but also has the capability to identify Twitter influencers and offers an extension.


Simply enter a keyword into the Twitter hashtags tool and press enter. This will return with some useful insights about the hashtags and most relatable hashtags that are worth including.

Get It: Hashtagify

Seekmetrics Twitter Hashtag Generator

The hashtag generator for Twitter and Instagram by seekmetrics is another great tool to add to your collection. Extremely simple to use and very helpful in terms of recommending hashtags worthy of using.


To generate your Twitter hashtags, enter a specific keyword and click the search icon. You’ll then receive up to 30 hashtags that are similar to your keyword.

Get It: Seekmetrics


If you are looking to find the latest trending hashtags for Twitter, then KeywordTool.io will come in very handy. Since Twitter’s trending topic page only displays a limited number of trending hashtags, Keyword Tool is your best alternative solution to search and generate thousands of Twitter hashtags.

Keyword Tool Twitter Hashtags

To get started, enter your keyword in the search bar, choose your desired language and click the search icon. Within seconds you’ll receive a list of keywords that are trending on Twitter. You’ll see the search volume, trend and competition.

Get It: Keyword Tool


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