Whether you’re a salesperson or a marketer, everyone needs to have a go-to list of powerful marketing words. Why? Because language is a powerful thing.

See what I did there? I used the word “because” to convince you on the essence of words.

It’s that simple.

A single word or phrase can make all the difference between a successful pitch and a dud. Of course, you’d rather be in the winning side of a sale. If you’re looking to inject some fresh perspective into your lingo, our compilation of catchy marketing words will do you the world of good.

In the conventional sense, copywriting was a reserve of magazine ads, billboards, and newspapers. Even with the passing of time, not much has changed in the copywriting world. You’ll find numerous brands deploying clever word plays as part of their marketing campaign.

Wherever you look at, whether it’s a website, an email, or podcasts, you’re likely to encounter copy that inspires you to take action.

Without further ado, here are the most powerful marketing words you should consider using.

Powerful Marketing Words

Nothing sells like a promise. Prospective customers love hearing those magical words of a promise. It gives them some comforting grace that you’re standing by something. As such, you need to assuage their fears of making a purchase by making a promise that the goods their looking to buy are totally worth it.

#1Guarantee: works incredibly well in providing assurance.

#2Sale: typically sparks interest among clientele looking to make savings.

#3Promise: this powerfully pushes the masses to your side. It’s vital to remember that you’ll be held accountable for every promise you make.

#4Now: this inspires prospects to take action immediately.

#5Expires: excellently serves as notice that it’s a time-limited offer.

#6Quick: this word tends to motivate prospects to look into various products for purchase.

#7Risk-free: this acts as an insurance cover for clients to take refuge in.

#8Unconditional: signifies the commitment you have to the brand and shows a sense of your dedication to please clients.

#9Pledge: honourably shows your dedication to the cause.

Time is Money: Powerful Marketing Words

When it comes to advertising, creating a sense of urgency is of the essence.

Anytime you see a prospect is unsure about whether or not to buy a product and/or service, go for the kill. Make sure you give them a reminder that the deal you’re offer is on a clock. That way, they’ll feel compelled to take it into possession as soon as they can.

Every one loves to own valuable items…and time, is money.

#10 – Instantaneously: works like a charm for those looking for immediate gratification.

#11 – Hurry: best serves those rushing through deadlines.

#12Soon: acts as a promise of the good tidings clients can expect.

#13Instantly: by communicating that you’re willing to take rapid action, you’re likely going to encourage prospects to take action.

#14 – Immediately: the promise of your clients’ dreams coming true in an instant is sufficient enough to get them buying

#15 – Bargain: offering time-limited offers at reasonable prices is all it takes to get prospects eager to listen to what you have to say.

#16Second: this word tends to back up a previous statement made about the quality of the products offered.

#17Last: best used when you’re trying to signify the final action that needs to be undertake on items.

#18Minute: wonderfully effective in communicating to prospects on the essence of time. If you’re running an e-commerce platform, you can provide minute by minute updates on the proceedings.

#19Going-fast: tends to motivate prospects to act soon and buy products.

Powerful Marketing Words to Calm the Nerves

As a marketer, you always need to put yourself in the shoes of the buyer. Doing so gives you some perspective on how they would go about with the sale.

Importantly, you need to remember that they are investing a considerable amount of time and money into your service and/or product. In light of this, you need to calm their nerves by using words that show them just how treasured their investment is.

Once you do this, you’re bound to close deals in little to no time.

#20 – Best-seller: great at producing a calming effect on prospects. This is because the word indicates a certain degree of accomplishment.

#21 – Smooth: used to indicate the seamless process for clients to achieve their goals once they take on your services.

#22Painless: shows that there’s nothing for prospects to fear. Knowing that bringing on board won’t harm their business usually makes prospects willing to do business.

#23 – Straight-forward: this level of directness is greatly admired by many prospects who are looking to establish a connection.

#24Success: people love being associated with success. Once you indicate that your product can help them achieve it, they’re likely to take an interest in your business.

#25Money-back: further adds to the allure of buying. Clients are likely to consult if they know there’s no negative repercussions from the transaction.

#26Safe: adds an extra layer of comfort cushion for your prospects. They’ll feel compelled to do business knowing they can trust in your company.

#27Privacy: to some degree, anonymity is prized by prospects. Many feel great knowing that their intimate details will not get to the general public.

#28Tested: cements your position on the worthiness of your products and/or services.

Buy Words that Give a Premium Feel

If you’re looking to build a brand that has a premium feel to it, you need to kick things off by using the right buzz words. By doing so, you’ll find it easy to resonate with the right audiences. While it’s true that your product and/or service needs to be of pristine quality, the copy also needs to say just as much, if not more.

The affluent love being associated with prestige. On second thought, to some degree, everyone does. You simply need to find the right angle to pull at their hear strings and voila, you’ll have them hook, line and sinker.

#29 – Invite-only: makes client feel that they’re getting value for money.

#30 – Pristine: enables clients to have feel a semblance of that lush atmosphere.

#31Premium: represents that you have the finest products available at a fee.

#32Luxurious: your prospects will love being associated with deluxe experiences. You can use this strategy if you’re looking to appeal to audiences that crave stylish elegance and comfort.

#33Powerful: gives clients the feel that they wield a certain level of control and influence. When you properly market your products this way, they’ll keep coming for the sensation.

#34Definitive: this word works by making your clients believe they are unique. People love making statements. Once they start associated their exuberance with your brand, they’ll flock in by the boatload eager to showcase their stature.

Powerful Marketing Words for that Exclusive Class

Achieving exclusivity is an easy-peasy process. All you have to do is show your prospects a quality product, then, refrain from letting them laying a hand on the item.

Automatically, their interest will be sparked. As humans, we have a natural need to own things that are away from our reach.

By using the right trigger words when showcasing a quality product and/or service, you’ll effectively be raising the market value for that particular item.

#35Secret: this tag line helps sell idea of covertness. If you’re working in industry that require some degree of stealth, you can rake in the big bucks once name drop this word every once in a while.

#36Revealed: this word is used to indicate the unearthing of a new gem. If you’re able to get enough people to believe this narrative, you’ll have effectively sold them to your product.

#37 – Rare: represents the uniqueness of your product.

#38Authentic: word helps you build trust among your prospects. It fundamentally helps you establish the right connections for business growth.

#39 – Model: signifies that what you have to offer is a showpiece item.

#40 – New: you can use this whenever you’re launching an innovate product and/or service.

#41 – Powerful: best used if you’re looking to inspire a certain level of self-confidence among your clients.

#42 – Genuine: Authenticity and honesty are greatly admired virtues. If you can convince the masses that once they engage in your services they’ll be getting something real, the job is half-done.

#43Limited: this word tends to inspire clients to act fast and own a piece of prized asset.

#44 – Fresh: motivates prospects to embrace the new approach your product offers.

#45Ultimate: this decisively convinces people to appreciate your one-of-a-kind services.

#46 – Perfect: everyone loves textbook definitions. Once you give your clients the assurance that your products and services are faultless and work seamlessly in the real world, just like in the ad, they’ll anticipate every release by the brand.

Buy Words to Avoid

Here’s the kicker, popular as they may be, not all marketing words are effective.

This is usually a result of the years of overuse by both advertisers and marketers looking to stamp their authority in their different trades.

#47Ground-breaking: this word doesn’t resonate well with customers. Unless you’re actually launching a revolutionary product, avoid this phrase.

#48 – Huge: use appropriate synonyms. Alternatively, make a comparison of the current sale with others. For example, you can quip that the current sale is the “biggest one of the year!”

#49 – Cyber-space: since the turn of the new millennium, the term cyberspace has become outdated.

#50 – Hassle-free: not ideal since it gives the impression of an “easy” company.

#51 – Final: gives a vague impression when describing time frames, it’s best to simply give specific timeframes.

#52 – Backed: this word does not sufficiently indicate the worth of your brand.


That wraps up our analysis for the day. We’re certain you’ll find gems in our guide of the most powerful marketing words to use.

Feel free to let us know which ones inspire clients to complete a sale in the comments below.


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