Have you embraced real estate Facebook ads? Well, it’s probably high time you do. Especially if you’re planning to meet next year’s Gross Commission Income (GCI).

As a cost-effective measure, you don’t have to spend eons working on your strategy in order to land clients.

In our review, we’ll be revealing a couple of best practices for you to get your message out there. With the right people listening in, the odds of achieving success become vastly improved.

Get to learn how to implement real estate Facebook ads like a pro today!

Why Facebook ads are perfect for real estate

In days gone by, real estate agents went about their business in a relaxed manner.

Success was usually determined by how great your networking skills were. This meant making personal interactions with clientele. At times, it involved moving from door to door sharing a smile or two. Other times, you could simply plaster your information on supermarket bulletin boards and people would take notice.

Today, this strategy simply can’t cut it.

Thanks to the evolution of technology, most people keep their eyes transfixed on their screens. To capture their attention, a change of tack is necessary.

On average about 1.62 billion people log onto Facebook daily. With estimates showing that people are increasingly logging time on Facebook, that’s the best place to start.  

Real estate Facebook ads can give you the traction you’re looking to register. With a worldwide audience that’s there for the taking, all you have to do is get your brand message right.

Here’s a couple of reasons why Facebook ads are just what you need to forge ahead:

1. More engagements

Facebook is a behemoth of a company.

There are not many companies that can match up with the social networking platform. Over the years, it has partnered up with so many different companies and even acquired some of the competition.

At present, Facebook and its subsidiary, Instagram, boast impressive daily active users. Impressively, the numbers notched are fairly better than those witnessed on rival channels like Pinterest and Twitter.

From a revenue perspective, Facebook is making a killing. In 2019 alone, Instagram accounted for approximately 31.8% of Facebook’s advertising revenue. A really tidy sum.

2. A fantastic visual platform

A picture speaks a thousand words.

Facebook is a platform that supports real estate because of its visually-enticing setup. People tend to interact by liking, sharing, and commenting on pictures that they fancy.

To advance your cause and get more people eager to buy from you, you need to invest in picturesque homes. While at it, you can also share visuals of happy families and pets roaming wild and free in the yard.

3. Personal and emotional connection

As a social media platform, Facebook brings friends and family closer. Using real estate Facebook ads, you can get to demonstrate how awesome you are to work with.

Showcasing you can be relied on and trusted upon is an integral part of the math. This is because it makes people feel that they can relate to your brand on a personal level. Once they’re able to connect with you emotionally, it becomes easier for them to approach you for a business transaction.

With wind in your sails and a brilliant public reception, you’ll be able to resonate with the right audiences.

4. Local targeting

Real estate Facebook ads give you the power to target locally. From the Facebook Ad Manager, you can specify which audiences you’re looking to reach in a particular city or suburb.

Ideally, you want to have a good understanding of the neighborhoods you want to sell homes to. With regions mapped out, you can initiate compelling selling strategies with ease.

You want to be on the lookout for regions where the home values just went up. This is because homeowners are motivated to sell for financial reasons.

You should also be alert to sell to clients living in overpopulated areas. The need to get a place of their own free from the hustle-and-bustle of everyday life can be a great motivator.

5. Real estate Facebook ads are data-driven

Facebook allows you to gain insights into who your ideal client is.

With a good understanding of their traits, you can build an ad around their preferences.

Further onwards, you can monitor their responses to the ad using Facebook ad analytics.

With Facebook, there’s almost zero guesswork involved. You have the power to continually enhance your ads and lad more real estate clients.

6. Appeal to a wider demographic

It’s not just the younger generation that has an interest in Facebook. The platform appeals to a wide demographic which has played well to Facebook’s advantage. The platform is growing by the day and engagement levels are on the up.

By running a real estate Facebook ad, you can be guaranteed a good viewership.

7. Referrals

Facebook provides a perfect avenue to land referrals. This is because of its intuitive interface which makes it easy for people to share correspondence.

By running real estate Facebook ads on the regular, you can rest assured that a good portion of the masses will respond in kind.

To land more referrals, it’s important that you seek to maintain relationships that last long after a sale.

8. Better ROI

As divulged earlier, Facebook is a mammoth company.  When it comes to real estate advertisements, it notches better numbers than Google AdWords and Twitter Ads.

While it’s always great to diversify your advertising tactics, you simply can’t ignore Facebook ads. Using the platform, you take your real estate ventures to the very next level.

9. Less clutter

It’s easy to get lost in the hashtags of the day on social media. Thankfully, Facebook retains an aura about it that is quite enticing to realtors like yourself.

The simplified outlook of the platform makes navigation a breeze. This tends to work well in realtors’ favor because people can easily spot content that they identify with. With your ad running on people’s feed, you’re almost guaranteed to land more prospects.

10. Relatable

Facebook’s algorithm wants users to stay on its page instead of drifting away to other sites. As a realtor, this can work in your favor. Instead of posting a straight up posting a link, it’s better to instead lead off the conversation with a picture.

With potential buyers’ interest piqued, you can then proceed to share a link somewhere in the comments.

As you can already tell, the platform supports engagements. By making advertisers share relatable content instead of spammy links, users get to have a wholesome experience.

10 clever real estate Facebook ads tips

1. Target

By targeting the right audience, you have better odds of landing serious buyers.

To get your targeting tactics right, you need to focus on particular individuals at a time. Once you’ve crafted your ideal buyer persona, you’ll find that it’s easier to connect on a deep level with prospects.

For targeting to work, you want to narrow down your target. While reaching out to millions of prospects sounds amazing, the conversion numbers are likely not going to be impressive. To register good sales, you need to aim for slimmer audiences in the 1,000s range.

To really resonate with your audience, it’s good practice to use Facebook’s geo-targeting tool. This allows you to target your audience in specific towns and cities. This local approach gives you the freedom to draft localized content that’s relatable with audiences.

2. Come up with an ad around the right audience

Once you’ve established who you want to target, it’s time to come up with an ad. Since people are likely going to click on ads that are relevant to them, it’s necessary that you get this step right.

To connect on a meaningful level, you need to:

  • Identify your audience’s challenges and aspirations. With a good understanding of where they’re coming from, you can tap into particular emotions and connect
  • Consider the demographic. The language and images you use are not going to be universal for all audiences. Young people also have different needs compared to people with growing families
  • Embrace psychology in your targeting. Since people tend to respond better to compliments, you shouldn’t shy away from issuing them to prospects. A small play on words or an image can help send the message home.
Zephyr Real Estate Facebook Ads

Check out the above ad about a home in San Francisco, CA. Do you think the target audience is a low-income family?

Well, obviously not. To avoid time-wasting, it’s better to target these kinds of ads at affluent people who can buy such properties.

3. Captivating graphics

The real estate business is very visual. To have your ad on people’s lips, you need to ensure that the images you use tell a story.

With the knowledge that it takes about 2.7 seconds to capture someone’s attention, you need to use the best images. With captivating visuals, you’ll be able to stop people right on their tracks and have them take a look. If they’re really interested in what you have to say, they’ll be sure to reach out.

It’s necessary that you also refrain from sticking to the norm. A great ad picture doesn’t have to be all about the smiles and a beautiful home in the background.

You can sample carousel ads or go for an animated depiction of homes you’re looking to sell.

Daft.ie Real Estate Facebook Ad

In the above graphic, you can see that Daft.ie used carousel images to great effect. Well aware that their target audience has different needs, they displayed different homes for prospects to choose from. This approach helps endear themselves to clients and helps build their reputation as a real estate agency.

4. Easy to read content

As a realtor, you need to make your copy easy to read.

Rather than using buzzwords and jargon to impress readers, you need to keep things simple. This allows you to quickly convey your message and makes for easy understanding.

The main touchpoints you want your copy to address are:

  • What you’re selling
  • How it will help prospects
  • What you expect them to do next

Instead of being wordy, you need to be objective and avoid over-explaining. A simple ad copy tends to resonate well with audiences.

5. Compelling CTAs

When designing your real estate Facebook ads, you need to remember why you’re doing it all.

Of course, the goal is to sell. The question is, are you clearly pulling this off?

You want your CTA to be simple and compelling. A complicated CTA can leave prospects scratching their heads unsure about what to do next.

To register more clicks on your CTA, you need to personalize them.

6. The landing page

While you may be advertising on Facebook, you also want people to check out your website.

Since you want first impressions to really count, your layout needs to be beautifully designed.

Importantly, it’s vital that the landing page helps convert prospects into clients. For this to happen, you need to offer visitors a valuable proposition in exchange for their emails or contact information.

This may mean:

  • Offering to provide an estimate of their home value for free. Have them do this manually or by signing up for a service
  • Offering clients a downloadable version of an insightful guide
  • Issuing visitors with customized listings
Indy Home Pros Team Facebook Real Estate Ads

The image above shows Indy Home Pros real estate Facebook ad. Below you can find the landing page where you’re redirected to once you click the link.

What we love about the landing page is the great use of colors, the offer, and the sign-up form. From the onset, you get to learn about how the company can help you. All they want from you is a couple of contact information and they’ll deliver an honest assessment of the market value of your home.


7. Keeping up with the Joneses

As much as you want to trump the competition, this doesn’t mean that you don’t borrow a leaf on occasion.

Instead of starting from scratch, you can sample what your competition is doing so well. This can prove really informative in your campaign since you won’t need to re-invent the wheel.

The engagement levels they receive from their campaigns can help you formulae better ads.

8. Embrace Testimonials

Good reviews from customers can help you build trust with prospects. While your copy may be engaging and talk a big game, the best measure for your reputation is others’ experiences.

If you have an impressive track record, people will feel motivated to do business with you. If your reputation is wanting, you may find yourself turning away prospects.

Wemert Group Realty’s Facebook page

The image above shows Wemert Group Realty’s Facebook page. From the reviews section, it’s evident that the company has been a big hit with fans.

Boasting nothing but 5-star reviews, it’s not easy to distrust the company.

9. Make your pitch pop with video

When it comes to real estate, video marketing is heavily underutilized.

While a couple of people have begun adapting it, there’s still much to be done.

Using video, you can showcase realistic takes of properties and engage more people. A well-done video can help your home feel close at hand and do all the talking for you.

Taking things up a notch, Lisney used Facebook Live to boost brand awareness. The live video tour was a big hit because it made their listing more authentic and promoted trust in ad viewers.

10. Test your ads

While you may be a natural at the whole real estate Facebook ads game, you still need to do testing.

By evaluating performance, you can make the ads better. Going forward, you may discover ways to land more prospects without having to break the bank.

Since Facebook has a system in place that encourages testing, you need to embrace it. The platform allows you to run two different ads concurrently on a small budget. Based on how well they fare, you can choose the best performing one and implement it.


Facebook is an important tool that every real estate agent needs to have. With it, you’ll find it easy to build a client list, establish your venture and grow the business.

While Facebook ads are easy to develop, you need to continually optimize them in order to land more leads.

We’re confident the tips shared in this brief will prove insightful to you.

Are you ready to embrace real estate Facebook ads?

Let us know in the comments below!


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