For us marketers, it can be pretty challenging for coming up with some fresh social media content ideas.

Whilst it’s super easy to create content for social media, especially with these tools, the struggle still lays in what to share on social media that ACTUALLY gets engagement…

It’s pointless sharing content for the sake of it. Doing so might even annoy your followers and they could end up unfollowing you.

To give you a helping hand, we’ve created this list of 32 social media content ideas.

  1. Share your recent articles from your blog
  2. Share a sneak preview of an upcoming product/service or new update
  3. Share a behind-the-scenes photo/video
  4. Share your customer review’s in an eye-catching graphic
  5. Interview your customers/clients
  6. Share the latest industry news
  7. Promote an event you’re attending in the near future
  8. Share links to your free resources that provide lots of value (eBooks, whitepapers, infographics etc)
  9. Share your latest podcast episode or one that you feel is very valuable and worth a listen
  10. Publish an answer to a question that’s frequently asked by your customers and clients
  11. Hiring for another team member? Share the job listing
  12. Share your company’s milestones
  13. Ask your customers and clients what products or services they’d like to see you offer
  14. Share user-generated content (with permission)
  15. Highlight your best tips to get the most out of the service/product you offer
  16. Share an industry-related quiz
  17. Hold a poll
  18. Share industry-specific facts
  19. Promote a partner or brand that collaborate with
  20. Launch a regular topic discussion hour (For example a Twitter Tweet Chat, Facebook Live)
  21. Share the “Employee of the month”
  22. Host a Q&A session with fans, behind-the-scenes etc
  23. Post a “Throwback Thursday”
  24. Share the top myths about your industry
  25. Share a list of funny do’s and don’ts about your product or service
  26. Promote a social media exclusive offer
  27. Conduct a social media takeover with industry influencers or business partners for 24 hours
  28. Share the failure you’ve encountered and how you overcame it
  29. Share a how-to/tutorial covering how specific features of your product/service work
  30. Highlight the best features of your service/product via an eye-catching video
  31. Hold a giveaway
  32. Reshare your top performing posts

There we go, 32 social media content ideas that are likely to increase engagement, publicity and possibly even generate more sales. If you’ve been sharing the same content over and over, it’s time to give your profiles a change with the above content ideas for social media. Consider using the above social media content ideas and be creative, you’ll soon see your engagement and growth increase.

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Gareth is the Content Marketing Manager at SkillsLab. He's a versatile digital marketer with experience on various platforms. When Gareth's not working he's usually jetting off around the world sharing his experiences on his blog and Instagram. You can also follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

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