Instagram is one of the best platforms for promoting brands and businesses. But, with millions of posts being added every day, you need to think outside the box to attract your followers’ attention.

Humans are, by nature, very visual beings. In the brain itself, there are hundreds of millions of neurons devoted to visual processing, nearly 30 percent of the entire cortex, as compared with 8 percent for touch and just 3 percent for hearing.

Marketers that have dabbled in creating engaging images for social media designs know just how tough and time-consuming it can be.

I’m no expert, but I’ve learned a thing or two about creating social media designs after lots of practice (and mistakes!), and I’m excited to share with you my favorite Instagram design templates, tips and principles to help enhance your social media images.

So, without further ado, let’s dive right in.

1. Color. 90% of snap judgments made about products are based on color alone.

In a study on the impact of color on marketing, researchers found that up to 90% of snap judgments made about products can be based on color alone, depending on the product.

The great example of successful implementing this principle is Steve Harrington (@s_harrington).

Instagram Tips

He is a Los Angeles-based designer who describes his own style as having a “psychedelic-pop aesthetic.” His Instagram is full of his brightly colored, playful illustrations, many of which he’s created for brands — most notably Nike, for which he’s designed sportswear, including shoes.

2. Balance. The 4 different types of balance (including the one you’re probably thinking of).

The art of balance in the world of social media design is a tricky one to get the hang of, but well worth the effort. A great way to think of balance is to imagine that each element of your design has a “weight behind it.”


Look at Rachel Ryle (@rachelryle). She is an illustrator, animator, and a storyteller — and she combines all three on her Instagram account. Most of her posts are beautiful, clever, and often super cute stop-motion videos like the one below. If you like her work, Instagram is the place to follow her: It’s her most dedicated channel for showcasing her work.

3. Lines. Straight lines imply order. Curved lines hint at movement.

Lines are the visual elements of your image that help to guide the eye to where you want it to go. Straight lines work to give the image a sense of order and tidiness while crooked or curved lines may give the image a sense of organized tension. Let’s take a peek at this incredible example of the power of lines from Jamel Saliba (@melsysillustrations).


Jamel, a.k.a. Melsy, is equal parts artist and entrepreneur, having quit her job in her mid-twenties to become a successful, full-time fashion illustrator. Her sketches are beautifully done and cover themes like fashion, friendship, and love — all in the style of contemporary chic.

5. Contrast. Add contrast with colors, shapes, and sizes.

Have you ever heard someone say that an illustration or design “really popped“? What they may be referring to is the contrast in an image. Contrast provides differentiation between elements, making one stand out or “pop” more than the other elements.

The use of effective contrast is a great way to enhance your social media designs. Without contrast, your design runs the risk of being “flat.” But with too much contrast, your design can become cluttered and nothing will stand out.

Check out Neil A. Stevens account @neil_a_stevens.

Instagram Template Tips

Neil A. Stevens specializes in poster design, and he’s particularly good at creating sharp, dynamic pieces. He’s created posters for many cities and countries around the globe, including a handful for the Tour de France.

6. Scale. Zoom out on a concept, or zoom in with your font choices.

Scale, by definition, refers to the deliberate sizing of various elements within your design. “Scaling” helps to bring certain elements into focus and allows your readers to make sense of a concept.

Hey Studio (@heystuxdio) is doing well with it. Hey Studio is made up of three designers: Ricardo Jorge, Veronica Fuerte, and Mikel Romero — and is one of Spain’s most popular graphic design studios. A lot of their work features stunning geometric shapes, which they post to their Instagram account in combination with pictures of their team during the creation process (and when they’re just fooling around).

heystudio Instagram

7. Proximity. Group similar items together to declutter and organize.

Proximity is paramount when creating a sense of organization within your design. Similar or related elements are best grouped together to create a relationship between them. The goal is to group items together to declutter your design and “tidy things up a bit.” You can put the principle of proximity into action by connecting similar elements together. One easy way is by physical placement of the objects near each other.

jessicawalsh Instagram

I’m so inspired by @jessicawalsh, both as a designer and as an entrepreneur. She joined the design firm Sagmeister & Walsh, Inc. at age 23 — back when it was just Sagmeister, Inc. Two years later, the firm’s founder Stefan Sagmeister took her on as a partner when she was only 25, and the firm eventually became Sagmeister & Walsh. They’ve designed work for very high-profile clients, such as Levi’s and HBO.

8. Hierarchy. Place the most important elements in the biggest fonts.

It’s quite likely that you’ll be working with multiple elements in your social media design. And chances are each of those elements will be important to your overall message. Hierarchy is a great social media design tip to make sure that you’re getting your most important message across first.

Erik Marinovich (@erikmarinovich) knows this rule very good. Erik is a lettering artist and designer and an entrepreneur. In addition to drawing letters, logos, and type for big brands like Nike, Target, Google, Facebook, Sonos, and Sharpie, Marinovich has also co-founded Friends of Type, a collaborative blog and shop, and Title Case, a creative work space that runs workshops and lectures. His Instagram account is a great showcase of his impressive lettering work, from branded design work to impressively cool doodles.


9. Repetition. Always use the same set of fonts, colors, and logos.

One of the easier design elements to enhance your social media images is the principle of repetition. Repetition is an important part of the process because it helps to establish and strengthen different elements.

misterdoodle Instagram Design

Follow the Ahda’s account (@misterdoodle), the man behind the Mister Doodle pseudonym. Ahda is a hand letterer who’s done design work for big brands like Element Skateboards, The Sunday Times U.K., Citizen Apparel, and more. His specialty is incorporating his beautiful, curvy hand lettering into shapes and illustrations. Check out his Instagram for photographs of his lettering work, including t-shirt designs and creative showcases of his projects alongside relevant props.

10. Direction. People read in an “F” pattern, an “E” pattern, and a “Z” pattern.

The way the human eye moves across designs, images, websites, and other visual elements is unique, but often consistent. That’s why it’s important to guide your audience along the “path” that you’d like them to follow in your image. In other words, create a deliberate “flow.”

Don’t miss Seb Lester (@seblester) to learn how to do it well.


Artist and Designer Seb Lester is one of the most famous calligraphy artists on Instagram, with over one million followers (as of this posting). The vast majority of his posts are actually videos — and for good reason.

Those were my 10 tips. I hope you find them as useful and inspiring as I do.

But if you don’t want to create the designs for Instagram yourself, you may consider using more professional Instagram layout template and designs, especially for creating attractive Instagram stories.

What is Instagram Template?

Instagram template are a great, time-saving tool for marketers, designers and individuals looking to make the most of the platform. An Instagram post template can include locations to add images and graphics with text, infographics, backgrounds, and other visual elements. It’s the basis for jumpstarting the idea of a design.

If you struggle with coming up with types of content to share, a template can help.

Further, an Instagram design template can help you create a visual identity and theme on the social network. The best Instagram accounts have a content and visual theme that followers know and expect. Finally, a solid Instagram template can help a non-designer or designers create promotions quickly.

In this roundup, I’m featuring the best Instagram post templates that will allow you to create and share your stories in a consistent manner and get them published quickly. Most importantly, you will be able to maintain your brand aesthetic and keep a consistent look for all your Instagram posts.

Check out my favorite Instagram templates.

SINBAD Social Media Pack Bundle

Free Social Media Jumbo Bundle Sample


This multi-purpose social media template pack includes everything you need to create a soft, clean, and ultra-sleek design to post to your favorite platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. With over 32 neutral, yet smart design variations included, you are sure to have all of the tools you need to create images that reflect your brand’s identity.

Note that these templates are made for InDesign and Photoshop, so you’ll need a basic knowledge and corresponding software.

Free Social Media Jumbo Bundle Sample

Free Social Media Jumbo Bundle Sample


This massive social media template pack evokes an edgy, hip vibe that serves as a perfect fit for forward-thinking fashion, music, and art-related brands. The bundle includes a whopping templates to choose from, including a chic collection of posters, flyers, banners, documents, business cards, and other unique social media products.

The product has been optimized and tested for Photoshop and supports JPG, EPS, and PDF files.

Malina Social Media Pack 20 Pattern Bundle

Malina Social Media Pack 20 Pattern Bundle


Agata has designed a media kit template that is made to cover brands’ social media design needs and beyond. The pack is built for bloggers and influencers who might not have the design chops to create a sleek, thorough kit on their own. Users can easily customize the template by switching up fonts, colors, photos, and logos to best reflect their brand’s image.

Included in Photoshop (PSD)-based template are easy-to-navigate layers, as well as tutorial videos to guide users through the entire process.

Instagram Stories UI

Instagram Stories UI


Those struggling to create glitch-free and beautiful Instagram Stories/IGTV segments need look no further than this bundle. The social media marketing company has developed dozens of different themes to fit the aesthetics of all different types of brands, from those who like the sleek and professional to those who go gravitate toward the colorful and loud.

In addition to its Instagram layout templates, this template also offers templates for Facebook adverts, Twitter images, and Facebook and Instagram posts.

Pastel – Instagram Stories & Posts Social Media

Pastel - Instagram Stories & Posts Social Media


Whether you’re creating Instagram Stories and Social media posts for fun or for profit, you’ll want your content looking classy and professional. Creative designers from There is the solution in this high-resolution template pack, featuring many fully editable elements that can be used again and again.

Free Instagram Sponsored, Live & Status Stories UI Mockup PSD

Free Instagram Sponsored, Live & Status Stories UI Mockup PSD


This fabulous set includes Instagram templates, compatible with Photoshop. Their minimalism is easily combined with any type of picture: whether it’s an astounding look or a picture from your summer trip. The templates are simply-customizable with their smart layers: even a beginner can create some decent images. Your stories deserve to be told through these beautiful templates.

BUNDLE: ANIMATED Instagram Stories & Posts So Female

BUNDLE: ANIMATED Instagram Stories & Posts So Female


The Animated Instagram Stories is a very modern and clean social media template that will make any posts look incredible. It has a wonderful vibe that makes you feel as if you were in the post the moment it was taken or created. If you want to gain more traffic to your social media account or promote your product, using this template will be the most beneficial and fun way to do so. It comes with many super useful features but one of the most unique features is its fonts.

They will make any product or event stand out and look 100 times more interesting; bringing more viewers and sales to you and your business.

3 Free Instagram Mood Board Templates

3 Free Instagram Mood Board Templates


If you enjoy creating promotional banners and posters then this Free Instagram Mood Board Templates is exactly what you need. This template is ideal if you are a blogger or fashion designer wanting to promote your latest fashion design or trends.

With easy to use features, this template will help you increase your sales in little time and with minimal effort.

Peony Instagram Puzzle + 11 Photos Social Media

Peony Instagram Puzzle + 11 Photos Social Media


Are you ready to capture the attention of thousands? Then it’s time to get this Peony Instagram Puzzle and create amazing social media posts. This template is composed of an Instagram collage alongside a rich color scheme that your audience will enjoy. No matter what type of post or images you are wanting to display, this template will surely elevate their visual outlook in no time.

You will get 11 photos for social media posts, exclusive Peony drawings, free fonts, also free for commercial use, and more.

FREE 4 Instagram Post Templates

FREE 4 Instagram Post Templates


Showcase your latest promotional offers and deals on all of your products and services using this Free 4 Instagram Post Templates. This template is composed of a sleek and modern design that will make your banners and posters stand out from the rest. This Social media template contains several easy to use and customizable features that will make creating your next project extremely easy and quick.

Sum Up

Here’s a breakdown of 10 structured ways you can layout your Instagram feed to keep it visually exciting, organized, and beautifully you!

Since viewers form their first impression via the feed, you need to plan how it would appear. This is a challenge if you’re not a photography or design expert. With the help of these social media templates, you should be able to put these ideas into action and create a great feed that’s set for success.

Select a template that’s quick and easy for you to customize, works with the kind of content you want to create and has a visual style that matches your own.

Then start creating posts and stories that have the right look and feel for your Instagram account. And don’t forget to engage with followers so you can continue to grow your online presence.

This article was contributed by Lana Miro.


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