Using video as a sales tool is a targeted approach that could help you get above the noise. The purpose here is to support your marketing strategy and build powerful relationships with prospects.

It’s a conversion-driven tactic to meet your prospects where they are and move them further in the process. The fact is, video can act as a powerful supporting material at any stage of the sales process…and this is exactly what we’re going to discuss today.

In an engaging webinar, Owen Hemsath, CEO of Owen Video, shares his innovative tactics to increase sales opportunities by using video as an integral part of the selling process. Owen is a renowned expert in using video for selling, primarily in B2B space. Partnering with Jack Kosakowski, Global head of social sales at Creation Agency, the webinar is packed with game-changing tactics that you don’t want to miss at any cost. Take note of these takeaways from the value-packed discussion.

Why video?

First off, the traditional sales tactics just aren’t cutting it anymore. You need improved and richer mediums to break the barriers and prove your presence. Video has the potential to become an effective part of the overall sales strategy.

When the prospects see you on screen, they actually build a parasocial relationship where they always feel they are somehow connected to you. This becomes a solid launch pad for future conversations when you meet them in person and eventually reach a business objective.

For example, you can create a video which centers around common objections posed by your buyers, and with a $40 ad spend on it, you can easily get 5000 views and share it with your clients as a vanity metric. A simple tactic that works each time.

Video – a powerful competitive advantage

Historically, meaningful communication is always the number one competitive advantage in any sales conversation. With the help of better communication, you sound authentic thereby offering the highest value to your prospect and eventually hitting the emotional button.

A well-crafted video puts you right in front of everyone, before that email, sales letter or a cold call. It acts as a great icebreaker between two parties.

Save time with a compact, repeatable sales process

A powerful video helps you build trust in a relationship that has not even blossomed. What used to take multiple touch points, now can be done in fewer touch points.

So, you successfully shift from a 13 point traditional sales model to a much more engaging and quick process. This has a tremendous effect on your buyers.

When you use words that you’re prospects are familiar with, you bring a sense of confidence in your buyers… and here comes the best part – you can use a video over and over again to reach a prospect, to move them to a place where they are ready to get on the phone with you.

Videos are easy to target, test and optimize

You always have the option to custom select the audience for your videos. Just make a corporate account and test strategies by starting with something like $25 per day.

Some platforms also offer rich statistics to analyze the results. This means you can gradually scale up without spending a ton of money on a campaign. This is a highly proactive approach that helps you catch your prospects early in the buying process.

The rule of 3 P’s for producing video content

Platform – Different platforms have different rules altogether. You have to know the rules of the game before you enter the arena. For example, while filming the video for YouTube you need to point in a certain direction for subscribing the channel or sharing the video. This is completely different from what happens on Vimeo, where you might have to point up.

People – It’s very important to understand and know your end audience. This information is detrimental to what you’re actually going to create in the first place.

Purpose – What’s the eventual purpose of the video? Is there a bonus in the end? The eventual action that you want people to take, is crucial to the whole process.

A 5 step video engagement formula that works each time

  1. Start with the attention grabber statement and shake them out of their complacency.
  2. Present a problem they’re struggling with.
  3. Present them with a solution.
  4. Use three credibility statements – a fact, stat, and something that is tweetable. This is the best way to validate who you are.
  5. A quick call to action at the end of the video.

Concluding thoughts

Imagine the power of cold call when you’ve already advertised a relevant video to a prospect. You’ve built trust with them. You have their attention. They want to have a conversation with you.

It helps you stand out in the mind of your prospect and keeps you distinct from being just another cold caller or an emailer. This is how you can use video to get to the next level of the sales process.

…and this is just a tiny glimpse of what’s in the webinar. Sign up and watch the complete webinar on demand. Plus, you can find the powerful video funnel blueprint that Owen uses for his prospects. The exact blueprint that automatically qualifies, nurtures and closes your prospects in a meeting or a call with you.


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