Sales closing techniques are important because they facilitate the sale going through. Irrespective of the quality products and/or services you offer to clients, you need to strive to perfect your sales pitch in order to close a sale.

While generating leads and landing prospects are seen by many as signs of progress, it is the sale that distinguishes you from the rest. As a salesperson, the number one objective should be to try to convince the masses to buy into your product.

Indeed, as most sales experts confide, simply learning about sales closing techniques cannot do you the world of good. To become a truly exceptional sales guru, you need to have prerequisite characteristics. The ability to think on your feet, a dedication to constant improvement, and patience are of the essence. Once these qualities are paired with 9 of the top sales closing techniques, you can touch the sky.

1. Visual Acuity

Ideally, most salespersons use words to entice clients to close a deal. While this method has been quite effective through the years, emergent research indicates that the numbers can be further enhanced. By appealing to customers’ visual perception, you can close any deal in record time. This is because visual aids have the ability to paint the perfect scenery to customers.

Importantly, the human brain has been found to process images about sixty thousand times more rapidly than words. As one of the sales closing techniques, this process is highly favored because there are a number of visual aids at your disposal. Video, charts, and images can get customers’ minds racing.

2. Emotional Intelligence

While it’s true that every salesperson’s ultimate dream is to close a sale, this approach can be detrimental to your bottom line. Nowadays, customers are more informed than ever before. Thus, they can spot a sale-focused salesperson from a mile away.

Instead of trying to appeal to how amazing a product/service is, you should try to listen to their situation on a personal level. The next step should, of course, be recommending a solution to handle their problems. That way, customers are less likely to take up a defensive posture to ward you away from themselves. They’re likely to be more open to closing a deal instead.

3. Time Consciousness

Like the monetary system, time is vital for progress to occur. Among the sales closing techniques, this particular method always seems to work wonders because it acknowledges that the customers’ have other things to do. As a salesperson, you should constantly seek to innovate your pitches whilst remembering to keep things brief.

In the little time available, you should ensure that you point out specifics about how you are going to make substantial contributions to the results. Since time is a precious commodity, by selling yourself as an indispensable person necessary for them to attain success, customers are likely to seek to take you onboard immediately.

4. Sales Close

Statistically speaking, humans love numbers. We tend to describe everything around us with numerical references. As a salesperson, you can harness the power of this by pitching to clients with scales that range from 1 to 10. The sales close is effective because it offers something that the other sales closing techniques don’t – numerical reference.

To successfully do this, you need to approach customers with questions that relate to the problems they wish to resolve. While at it, you should ensure that you’re able to learn about their interests and budgets. In doing so, you’ll essentially kill two birds with one stone. You’ll be able to gauge a customer’s interest in the subject whilst keeping the conversation fun and dynamic. With this knowledge, you can proceed to attempt closing the sale in customers who express the most interest.

5.  Financial Appeal

For a sale to be marked complete there needs to be the exchange of money for the goods and/services. As such, money has a great influence on the decisions we arrive at. Interestingly, keeping your rates low is not a sure way for you to attract more customers. This is due to the fact that more people are increasingly spending more to receive quality goods and/services. You can make clients become eager to close the sale by pointing out all the innumerable benefits they could get from letting you be part of their team.

All the same, it’s always great to offer monetary incentives in order to appeal to clients. You can lower the price for a limited time. Such incentives can be offered through seasonal sales to get the traffic flowing.

6. Testing the Waters

For sales closing techniques to work, they need to be delivered with the customer in mind. In a situation where you can visibly see the interest in a client’s eyes along with lingering thoughts of doubt on their brows, you should not hesitate to take them on a test drive.

Free samples have been known to drive traffic over short periods of time. The chances are high that clients will consent to the free samples, partly because there’s no risk involved. The test drive serves to reaffirm their belief in the product and accelerate the sale.

7. Dotted Line

People have been known to change their priorities right in the middle of a sale. As a salesperson, such situations can be principally unfavorable to your performance. To avert such situations, it is best to propose a contract to your lead in advance in order to ease the negotiating process.

In doing so, you’re able to bridge the gap between the client’s interests and the verbal agreement. Once the dotted line is signed, you can then work towards erasing any lingering second thoughts and uncertainty on the part of the customer.

8. Two Way Traffic

When reviewing all the killer sales closing techniques to implement, it’s important to never get lost in the moment. Sales presentations need to be interactive, not monologues. Else, prospects will get bored with the pitch and automatically dismiss what you have to say.

If you choose to conduct an interactive discussion with prospects, you can have an idea of whether or not you’re on the same page. In the previous situation, it was nigh impossible to tell. By interacting with audience members, you also give off a professional vibe which allows clients to gain confidence in whatever it is you have to say.

Feedback also allows audience members to express their fears, reservations, and compliments about the pitch. Incorporating engaging questions like “This makes sense, right?” or “Let me know how you see how you see this strategy works for you” can help you boost engagement levels.

9. Anticipate Failure

Sounds counterintuitive right? Not really. The sales business is almost purely a numbers affair. While some deals may be harder to close irrespective of how hard you try, others may effortlessly go through. Sometimes, it’s never about the sales closing techniques applied, but about your grit.

When you are able to anticipate failure, you learn to take the hits the misses in stride. This attribute can be particularly helpful since it allows you to focus on the next deal and give it your best shot. By constantly being on the move, you are likely to gain more admirers than haters.


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