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5 Tips for Measuring Marketing Effectiveness

The days when marketers used to invest money into ineffective and measureless advertising campaigns are long gone. When it comes to differences between traditional and digital marketing, one of the major advantages of digital marketing is the fact that it can be tracked and analyzed quickly, with just a few good software tools. Also, you…

How to Create Epic Content for Social Selling

There’s no doubt, if you’re social, you need content. Whether it’s your own or not, you need to share it or you have nothing to talk about. No bait for your hook. Sharing other people’s content is the quick, easy part. The part where you can make a bigger difference is with your own content….

How to Improve Your Social ROI

It can be difficult to define and implement a social strategy that will provide the most ROI. However, with the right preparation and defined goals, you will see great results. To help you get started, I’ve shared below 5 simple steps to gain control over your social media initiatives. Use the right social channels Choosing the right social…

Social Selling Touches – The Strategy for Efficiency

There are 3 reasons why corporates don’t undertake a social selling programme or roll it out themselves into their organisation. They are: Feeling that it will take too much time, or not be efficient Sales reps won’t do what they need in order to do it They don’t believe social selling will benefit them You wouldn’t be…