Unfortunately, not everyone has the luxury of time or resources to employ a dedicated video editor and/or motion graphics designer, but the demand for high-quality and engaging content is ever-growing.

So, what is the next best thing?

Some might agree using stock graphics is a solution to the above, of which it is.

However, you would want to avoid the cheesy same-old stock content, but that can be tough when there’s so much of it about…

To help you out, we’ve highlighted a few websites that can help you improve your video game instantly.

Without further ado, let’s dive in.

Six Resources for Top Stock Motion Graphics

#1 Envato Elements

Envato is probably one of the most well-known sites on the list.

One reason Elements is so popular is the size of its library. It has hundreds of thousands of different assets, these range from graphics templates, stock video to (one of my personal favourites) music and sound effects.

Elements also have future proof licensing. So even if you do decide it isn’t for you after a few months all the previous uses you’ve registered will remain covered.

Price: Starting from €14.50/month



#2 Shutterstock

Mainly known for its image library, Shutterstock also has a video section. It may seem expensive at first glance, but one reason I like Shutterstock is the range of video content it has.

Though you can’t get templates for titles or lower-thirds, the videos they have come in such a range, you are bound to find something to fit your brief, no matter how abstract it may be.


Besides from the usual lifestyle stock-video, it has a great range of abstract-tech based video which personally I like to overlay and composite onto title screens to add a bit more interest.

Price: Starting from £35

#3 Animation Composer 2 for After Effects

If what you’re looking for is templates and not stock video footage. Mister Horse’s Animation Composer is your best friend.

Out of the whole list, this is probably the tool I use the most. Its free version comes with text and asset transition and effects to instantly add character to your work.

It also comes with a small selection of animated lower-thirds and transitions. If you do want to build a library of assets up, then you can buy packages to fulfil your needs? Want a bunch of lower-thirds? No problem! Need a bunch of pre-animated graphics to make your social tiles standout?

They’ve got it!

Price: Basic free version, can purchase bundles

#4 Motion Array


Combing the benefits of both Shutterstock and Animation Composer, Motion Array has everything to keep you covered. It has tutorials, tools, plugins and a marketplace.

If you’re looking for a way to instantly spice up your videos, Motion Array is the choice for you. It’s choice of transitions, titles, and lower thirds are unrivalled, especially when you consider it caters for, After Effects, Premiere Pro and even Davinci Resolve users.

Price: Limited free account, Monthly ($29/month) and Annual ($16/month) plans available.



#5 iStock

In what it offers, iStock functions very similar to Shutterstock. You can either buy credits to purchase images or videos or get a monthly subscription (but these only covers image downloads).


The main advantages of iStock are that it generally offers cheaper alternatives to its services. If you’re looking to use stock for websites on a one-time purpose basis and don’t want to commit to a subscription, iStock offers competitive pricing with its credit system.

Price: Credits available from £20 (3 credits) or for images only, subscriptions from £45

#6 Biteable

Biteable is much more of an entry-level option where time to create engaging content really is limited. Biteable’s USP lies in being able to edit pre-made content so you can target it to your specific audience.


You don’t have to worry about downloading stock footage or filming it yourself and then editing it together. With biteable, this is already done for you. Its handy menu helps you navigate through all their possible to templates, from Instagram ready videos to holiday and event themes videos.

Price: Limited free plan, Premium plan $23/month


Although a lot of these tools look like they offer similar services, I’d recommend having a look at each of them yourself to discover what’s best for you.

If what you think you’re lacking that is high-quality video footage Shutterstock or iStock is probably for you.

If you’re somewhat confident in After Effects but want that helping-hand to create great content quicker, look into Animation Composer.

Or, you think you need help in all of these aspects? Motion Array or Envato Elements is probably the solution for you.


After studying Animation at the University of Central Lancashire I got the bug for motion design and went on to study a masters where I specialised in the subject. I have experience working freelance, in-house and now an agency. Out of work I like to spend time rebuilding classic motorcycles with my dad and brother.

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