Having a bunch lead generation tools by your side is now a requisite for every aspiring marketer. To get ahead, you need to crack the code when it comes to landing leads.

Once you’re able to successfully do this, then the chances are that you’ll be able to distinguish yourself from the competition.

That said, making it big is no mean task. There’s plenty of stumbling blocks you might encounter that could impede your efforts. Finding the perfect set of lead generation tools in itself can prove to be the biggest hurdle even before you begin.

Thankfully, we’ve experimented aplenty in this regards. Here’s our top list of the 17 best tools and tactics we’ve employed to capture and convert leads.

1. Leadfeeder

This tool comes highly recommended. Leadfeeder is designed to provide insights on the visitors to your website. Other than learning where your visitors originate from and the pages they check out, you also have access to their contact information.


Since the platform seamlessly integrates with Google Analytics, you can spot the contact info for employees stationed at the company. This automatic visitor identification and lead scoring capability is quite impressive. You can easily work with your sales team to assign leads by putting Leadfeeder to the task.

Impressively, you can connect the tool with LinkedIn and integrate with various other email programs. Their customer is also top-notch and you can easily identify when prospects return to the website after checking a demo.

Price: 14-day free trial, Paid plan starts from $59/month

2. LeadIQ

LeadIQ has a neat Google Chrome extension that massively reduces the workload of salespersons. The tool allows you to find prospect data in real time and get it into your sales tools without doing a million clicks.

Find contacts and accounts using advanced filters of which you can then build a lead list in minutes is what makes this tool stand out. To help you get started with saving time building lists quicker, they offer 100 free leads for signing up.

Price: From $60/month

3. Boomerang

This Gmail productivity app is intended to serve all busy people. You can easily schedule emails, set reminders, set snoozes on inbox messages and track sent emails.


In addition to this, Boomerang has email stats that auto-update after every 10 minutes. Other features include the capability for recipients to opt out of read receipts, the power to pause arrival of new mail and user alerts whenever recipients fail to respond.

Once you install the tool to your browser, it creates new Gmail labels aptly named Boomerang Outbox and Returned. Many business owners are going for this tool due to its capabilities and reasonable fee.

Price: Free with 10 message credits/month, Paid subscription from $5/month

4. Sumo

This multi-purpose marketing tool gives you the power to transform and improve your website comprehensively.

Its layout makes it one of a kind compared to the rest of single-purpose plugins in the market. Featuring a drag and drop editor, Sumo allows you to flex as you conceptualize your marketing campaign.

SUMO Lead Generation

There’s a wide array of templates available to users for every form offered. The display rules are also impressively stackable which helps as you prepare lists that have great integrations.

If you’re looking to A/B test campaigns, Sumo offers an all-inclusive and straightforward solution.

Price: Free, Paid plans from $29/month

5. OptinMonster

In a way, OptinMonster is much more than the typical lead generation tool. It’s specially made to cater to all your conversion optimization needs by allowing you to grow your email list whilst taking care of your sales and revenue agenda.


The designers at OptinMonster have come up with a picturesque opt-in form that guarantees conversions. They’ve been able to do this by adding behavior detection technology into their code. This works incredibly well since visitors get to view the right campaigns at the best probable times. When this happens, visitors are usually at their most receptive state

Price: Basic plan from $9/month

6. Fieldboom

When it comes to the creation of online forms and surveys, no one does it quite like Fieldboom. Among lead generation tools, Fieldboom come highly recommended thanks to the high completion rates.

You can effectively gather customer feedback, and use the contact forms to capture more leads. At the same time, Fieldboom is robust enough for the creation of surveys to collect data.

You can get plenty of insights on which prospects are likely to show up at your event and sort out your campaign with ease.

The intuitive interface makes it easy for marketers to label, filter, and star responses. This level of organization ensures that precious data isn’t lost but remains properly archived for later use.

fieldboom lead generation

The intuitive interface makes it easy for marketers to label, filter, and star responses. This level of organization ensures that precious data isn’t lost but remains properly archived for later use.

Price: $39/month (paid annually), $49/month (paid monthly)

7. MailChimp

MailChimp is very intuitive and features a built-in drag and drop editor which simplifies how campaigns are built.


You can come up with special campaigns on the fly and curate them to achieve your business goals. MailChimp can enable you to grow your audience and register more online sales with ease. As you build your brand, you’ll find it easy to manger your subscriber and unsubscribers.

The report generation capabilities on MailChimp allows you to keep track of the happenings in your business without a hassle.

Many small businesses prefer MailChimp because of the free options. It’s RSS to email feature also allows marketers to automatically update subscribers with the latest developments through blog posts.

Price: Free, Paid plan starts from $10/month

8. Instapage

Instapage is a fantastically built cloud service for the creation of landing pages without ever typing a line of code. Anyone can design various landing pages as they please. While that is true, Instapage seems specialized for the creation of squeeze pages, thank you pages and webinar pages.

The platform has more than 194 customizable templates. There’s also a blank page template for those looking to build from scratch. With an intuitive drag and drop editor for the customization of pages, you can come up with as many designs as possible.

Instapage also offers free hosting of the pages on their servers. Those who are adept at WordPress can embed the links to their pages. If you’re focused on mobile responsive landing pages, Instapage is your best bet.

Price: 14-day free trial, Premium plan starts from $99/month (charged annually)

9. HubSpot

Among lead generation tools, HubSpot has become renowned as an all-in-one solution. You can come up with landing pages, manage your web content, monitor your social media accounts, and measure how successful your results are.


This user-friendly and intuitive platform doesn’t require you to have set foot in a coding class. There’s plenty of helpful resources online that can help you get started with Hubspot. The wealth of information about the software is sure to prove invaluable to your business.

As a comprehensive inbound marketing solution, Hubspot allows you to focus on the creation of content.

Price: Free, Paid plans from $50/month


IFTTT simply means “If This Then That”. Using this well-designed tool, you can easily automate tasks between the various third-party apps at your disposal.


This means you can seamlessly integrate the app to function with LinkedIn. The numerous preset automations are quite helpful as you seek to establish a presence in platforms like LinkedIn. This is because save plenty of time that would have been spent researching relevant articles and posting them.

The best thing about IFTTT is that it works intelligently thereby not giving off the automated vibe. In essence, you can configure IFTTT to complete a specified action whenever a particular action occurs.

Price: Free

11. Zapier

Zapier enables marketers to effortlessly link multiple business services together. The tool does an impressive job, especially when you consider that it’s able to do this without native integration.

Some critics who are well-versed in lead generation tools actually refer to Zapier as being the Gold Standard when it comes to automating repetitive tasks.

As you pursue leads, you probably don’t have time to get involved with data entry. Thankfully with Zapier, you don’t. A single trigger can activate multiple actions to various business systems.

Price: Free, Paid plans from $20/month

12. Drift

You can use Drift to provide your prospects with a modern buying experience. With Drift’s system, you can register more qualified leads and rapidly lead them further down the sales cycle.


Drift does not conform to the traditional approach where cold calls, forms, and follow-up emails are quintessential. Instead, it does a good job connecting businesses to visitors in real-time using bots and AI.

The tool also allows you to configure appointment reminders, do scheduling tasks and online booking.

Price: Free, Paid plans from $50/month.

13. Intercom

Intercom has impressive features that are applicable in numerous cases. Their on-site messaging and chat functionality allows you to engage with prospects and gather their information.


The tool allows you to analyze their in-app behavior and come up with message triggers which you can employ during the onboarding process.

Intercom weaves so many capabilities all-at-once. It’s no stretch to say that the tool excels as a marketing, sales, and support solution. The bot based algorithm used is able to target emails and features an integrated help desk and knowledge base. It’s highly rated among lead generation tools.

Price: Paid plans from $38/month

14. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is powerful enough to allow users to conduct an unlimited number of searches. This is an important attribute for people in the recruiting or sales field.

The tool allows you to efficiently manage your time since it integrates with CRM providers like Hubspot and Salesforce.

LinkedIn Sales Training

The TeamLink Filter enables you to tap into your team members’ connections. You stand better odds of landing a prospect if you have a mutual personal connection. At the same time, you can put this feature to good use with a warm introduction.

Price: Paid plan from $64.99/month

15. Quora

This is one of the most powerful tools out there. Quora prides itself as the best platform on the web for asking and answering questions.

Quora Marketing Lead Generation

Users on Quora usually ask various topics that relate to their specific industry and get responses from the community. To showcase your expertise, you can choose to answer as many questions in your field as you can. The more insights you share, the better odds you stand of landing potential leads.

Price: Free

16. Twitter Advanced Search

Using Twitter Advanced Search, you can narrow down your search and get access to the information you’re looking for. This nifty feature is quite helpful for businesses looking to grow their audience on the platform. This is because using the tool, you’ll be able to access loads of information about prospects.

Twitter Advanced Search

By using the right keywords and hashtags for your industry, you can discover anyone who’s really talking about you. The real-time results and conversations you find are likely to inform your next marketing move.

You can target audience members geographically or elect to search by sentiment. If you’re looking for a dose of inspiration, the positive Tweets posted about your business are likely to give you that much need push to keep forging ahead.

With Twitter Advanced Search, it’s quite easy to locate the fans of your brand and appeal to them.

Price: Free

17. Gleam

Gleam is one of the best contest and sweepstakes tools in the market. When you use Gleam, you can rest easy that every contest you hold will yield results. You’ll either be able to grow your email list, boost your social media following. With Gleam, the odds of achieving success massively improve with every contest you hold.

The drag and drop functionality simplifies the entry method. You can choose the type of entries you want to make and order them as you please.

Price: Free, Full package from $97/month


There are plenty of tools to bolster your lead generation efforts out there. If you’re looking for the perfect fit for your business, then, it’s probably best to first try out a couple before deciding. We’re certain you’ll find one or two of the tools we’ve highlighted here worth it.

If you’ve enjoyed this post, feel free to share in the comments section which tools excite you the most. Also, if you believe there’s any we’ve missed, share them and we’ll happily engage with you.


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