Employer branding is even more important today than it was several years back. Positive employer branding helps attract and retain quality employees who are the key to helping with the success and growth of the business.

However, don’t forget, it’s also important for how consumers and prospects view your brand too.

We’ve highlighted 18 of the most important useful employer branding statistics to know. If you haven’t got an employer branding strategy in place, now is the time…

Employer Branding Statistics

1) 68% of talent acquisition leaders agree that social professional networks are the best tools for spreading awareness about employer brand. (source)

2) According to LinkedIn, companies that have a strong talent brand get 31% higher InMail acceptance rate. (source)

3) Candidates trust the company’s employees 3x more than the company itself to provide credible information on what it’s like to work there (source)

4) Research reports 9 out of 10 candidates would apply for a job when it’s from an employer brand that’s actively maintained (source)

5) 62% of Glassdoor users agree their perception of a company tends to improve after seeing an employer respond to a review publicly (source)

6) 84% of job seekers mentioned the reputation of a company as an employer is important for when they are in the decision of applying for a job (source)

7) Around 49% of employers believe they don’t have the right tools to effectively enhance employer brand (source)

8) Roughly 52% of candidates first look at the company’s websites and social media to learn more about an employer (source)

9) 50% of candidates who took part in a research study mentioned they wouldn’t work for a company with a bad reputation, even if they were offered a pay increase (source)

10) 39% of respondents to a LinkedIn research study mentioned employer brand will a long-last trend to focus on in the future (source)

11) Research has proven the number one obstacle that candidates experience when searching for a job is not knowing what it’s like to work at an organisation (source)

12) Employee turnover can be reduced by 28% by investing in employer brand (source)

13) 80% of talent acquisition managers believe that employer branding has a significant impact on the ability to hire great talent. (source)

14) 86% of HR professionals say recruitment is becoming more like marketing. (source)

15) 7 out of 10 people surveyed changed their opinion about a brand after the company replied to a review. (source)

16) Negative reviews of products and services are said to be the main factor damaging employer brand (rated as “damaging” by 95% of workers and “very damaging” or “extremely damaging” by 80% of workers). (source)

17) A negative reputation can cost companies at least 10% more per hire (source)

18) Around 78% of job candidates say the overall candidate experience they receive is an indicator of how a company values its people. (source)


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