Social media analytics tools are an absolute must in the current marketing landscape.

Social media today acts like the Colosseum of old where gladiator marketers compete with other brands. As daunting as that may sound, it’s a relatively easy concept provided you master the basics.

Importantly, you need to recall that social media is all about interaction. You, therefore, need to always remember to keep a finger on the pulse of your audience. By doing so, you’ll find it easy to carry out your selling excursions.

Data shows that 81% of Small and Medium Businesses have an active social media presence. Using social media analytics tools for growth is therefore paramount to your success.

Another study further showed that 91% of users access social platforms from their mobile phones. This means that you should be complacent when diving into social media analytics.

Instead, you need to go the extra mile and optimize your page for mobile conversions.

More than ever before, businesses now have the power to disseminate targeted information to audiences. Social media analytics tools are designed to specifically ease the promotion process. Without them, you’re likely to find yourself exhausted from spending eons drafting a marketing strategy.

Through social media analytics tools, you can learn plenty about your audience from feedback shared. Such correspondence is quite vital if you’re looking to enhance your brand strategy. It also helps you have an edge over the competition.

That said, simply gathering plenty of data from various social networks is not the way to go. Instead, you need to look for social media analytics tools that break down information for easy comprehension. Ideally, the best tools provide you with an economic feasibility guide. This is important since you’ll be able to tell how your social media marketing efforts impact the business.

Having said that, it’s probably high time for us to delve right into listing them out. While social media analytics tools are a dime a dozen in the market, a couple of gems still exist. Here’s the low-down.

12 Social Media Analytics Tools All Marketers Should Consider Using

1. Google Analytics

Remarkably, Google Analytics is absolutely free. While that may insinuate that the tool doesn’t offer much, nothing could be further from the truth.

Unbeknownst to many is the fact that Google Analytics is more than just a tool for analyzing web traffic. Using the platform, you can learn plenty about your social media campaigns. For one, the Google Analytics system helps you track your social ROI.

This ensures that you’re not part of the 52% of marketers with difficulties with reviewing ROI.

Google Analytics social media analytics tool
Credit: Google Analytics

You can also generate reports that will give you insights about social media tracking. From the reports, you can learn about which social networks generate the most traffic.

To achieve this, you’ll have to click on Acquisition, then navigate towards Social. From there, you’ll have a clear picture of which social sites are driving traffic to your website. This data will give you an idea on which platforms to neglect because of poor performance. At the same time, you’ll learn about which ones are performing favorably thereby demanding more attention.

If you’re interested in tracking specific attributes of a social media campaign, you’ll have to use UTM parameters. Essentially, these are tags that you input after your URL to inform Google Analytics about where and why people clicked on the website.

Price: Free

2. ViralWoot

This Pinterest tool massively helps in analytics. Using it, you can effortlessly promote your pins, and grow your followers.

If you’re on the free plan, you can access basic account metrics. This means that you can check out data involving your pins, boards, and follower count. The free plan also allows you to review a couple of other Pinterest stats like reach, Pinfluence, activity, and level of engagement. Fascinatingly, this plan gives you plenty of ideas on how to boost your stats.

pinterest social media analytics tool

Those on paid subscriptions can access detailed analytics. This comprehensive plan provides users with data on the best time of day to post. You can also learn plenty about which colors perform favorably with audiences.

Among social media analytics tools, ViralWoot shines in the user-friendly department. The tool is intuitively built to handle up to 5 user accounts. This makes switching from one account to another a rather seamless process. Since the analytics tool is available for all accounts, you can swiftly cross reference how all of them are faring.

Price: Has a free trial. For ViralWoot Standard, the rate is $10 per month. ViralWoot Premium goes for $49 per month.

3. Followerwonk

This amazing tool is fantastic when it comes to analyzing your Twitter account. It can be quite effective in streamlining your Twitter marketing strategy.

The optimization process is achieved through follower analysis. You’ll gain insights on where your followers are tweeting from when they tweet and learn how to connect with top influencers. Impressively, Followerwonk provides clear visualizations for social graph comparison.

followerwonk social media analytics tool

By providing with detailed breakdowns of your followers, you have the power to tweak your message to audiences. To get started, you need to head over to the Analytics tab and key in a Twitter username. After pressing enter, you’ll have loads of information about followers and those the Twitter user is following.

The fact that it supports specific keywords in the search section makes it quite enticing. You can compare and contrast the results against various metrics like following, followers, influence, and age. In essence, it’s a breeze to search for handles of influential Twitter users.

With this information, you can sort out which followers are relevant to your business. Impressively, you can follow accounts that suit your business without having to exit from your account.

Price: Free trial to connect 1 profile. The premium version allows you to connect 20 profiles at a rate of $79 per month.

4. Keyhole

Keyhole ranks highly among social media analytics tools because it gives you an understanding of your customers. It simplifies the reporting whilst providing you with a way to easily share results with the marketing team.

From the information gathered, you’ll be able to know what your consumers want. You’ll also be able to save plenty of time since social analytics are provided after a couple of taps on the tool.

Keyhole stands out because it has a vast array of features that are not found in other social media analytics tools. The app is also user-friendly which means that you’ll effortlessly use the app for your strategy. It also provides real-time feedback to its customers.

Keyhole Social Media Analytics

Right from the tool, you can tell the times when users are most active. The tool also provides you with extra tips on the best engagement days of the week.

Monitoring your account with Keyhole is also quite easy. You can track impressions registered, posts, the reach, hashtags, accounts, and total number of engagements. Since you’ll be monitoring all these things, it’s quite easy to spot influencers in your industry. Reaching out to them is also simplified since you don’t have to exit the tool for that to happen.

If you’re looking to gain an understanding of the demographics of your followers, you can do so right from Keyhole. Even better is the fact that you’ll be able to get a percentage estimate of both negative and positive comments.

Price: 7-day free trial. Subscription starts from $149 per month.

5. Klear

Brands choose Klear as the go-to option among social media analytics tools because of the analysis provided on influencers. With Klear, agencies have access to the entire realm of influencers across platforms like YouTube to Instagram.

By collaborating with influencers, you can help your brand connect with various audiences better. Influencers are quite important in boosting your credibility points.

Klear’s platform is quite robust since it allows you to access a database of 500 million profiles. You can also sort through more than 60,000 categories backed up with 5 years’ worth of historical data. This stat is quite important since it allows you to narrow down on the exact clients you’d like to connect with.

Having access to data on top posts, views accrued, and demographics will come in handy during presentations to customers.

6. Audiense

Audiense gives you a free analysis of your Twitter profile provided the sum total of your followers and following is less than 5,000.

From the data, you’ll learn plenty about your followers’ interests, the demographics, and influence. The tool is also quite handy if you’re looking to better manage your contacts on Twitter. Audiense also provides insights on the best times to post a tweet.

audiense social media analytics

Some of the top brands like Fox Sports, DHL, Carlsberg, and Puma use Audiense to connect with audiences. Through the tool, they are better placed in making informed social marketing decisions on Twitter.

The platform is beautifully designed to allow you to filter through Twitter users. This allows you to identify influential users and follow them.

The filters are bespoke in that you can customize search by followers, tweet frequency, location, and industry. This makes it easy for you to start conversations with the social media bigwigs in your industry.

Price: Free for Twitter enthusiasts. Starter package retails for €9 per month and the standard package goes for €89. Alternatively, you can go for the comprehensive package billed at $696 monthly.

7. TweetReach

TweetReach is an excellent social media monitoring tool. Using the tool, you can learn about the number of people seeing your tweets. Even better, you can measure the impact made by social media discussions.


By tracking the engagements, you get to understand the demographic you influence. You also have access to a bevy of influential personalities. This allows you to pick up a couple of pointers which will inform your marketing efforts. In sum total, you’ll achieve better targeting and generate better search results.

Importantly, TweetReach is available to the general public, it’s not strictly a preserve for brands. To get started, you simply need to input a hashtag, username, or topic of interest. Once that is fed, TweetReach works its magic and gives you information on the extent of the subject.

Price: Free trial. The Pro suite starts from $49 per month.

8. SocialRank

SocialRank has a user-friendly user interface that favors organization and fast filtering. This tool is available to both Instagram and Twitter users who’re seeking to learn more about their followers.

The tool is specifically made to identify follower patterns. By doing so, it enables you to tailor your content updates for better reception among audiences.

Some of the key things it looks for includes popular words in bios and posts. Even better, it can track the most frequently used emojis by your target audience.

SocialRank is also great for local marketing because of the customized filtering options. By specifying particular locations to reach out, you get to target specific individuals.

The tool is also robust enough to allow you to narrow down your search to specifics of your criteria. This can include things like the number of followers, gender, and certain objectives you’re looking to achieve.

9. Quintly

Social media analytics tools rarely cater to relationship-focused businesses the way Quintly does. This dashboard tool is quite unique in its operation because it offers bespoke reporting.

The reports offer an easy comparison of stats from one social media platform to the next. There’s also a couple of engagement metrics like shares, comments, and likes included in the report. To wrap things up, the reports feature a detailed analysis of follower demographics and net growth.

social media analytics tool - quintly

You can test the waters with the free trial and start generating automated reports. The fact that the custom reports can monitor highlighted key performance indicators makes Quintly alluring.

It’s the perfect tool if you’re looking to make social media comparisons with other businesses in your industry. By doing so, you can set a yardstick for your levels of performance.

Price: 14-day free trial. Premium rate starts from $100 per month.

10. Cyfe

This tool is built to cater to medium-sized enterprises looking to grow their email list. It also focuses on tracking users’ social following across various platforms. As a marketer, we’re certain you’ll find Cyfe irresistible if you’re looking to enhance your social SEO standing.

Cyfe Analytics tool

With the tool, you can easily oversee your performance levels on social media channels. While at it, you’ll be able to track the number of downloads made and the impact of your advertising efforts.

Cyfe is definitely worth looking at among social media analytics tools because it centered on the creation of a robust dashboard. From the tool, you’ll be able to track key performance indicators (KPIs) and various stats in a single location.

Price: Free for new businesses. The premium rate starts at $29 per month.

11. Tailwind

None of the social media analytics tools combines the power of Instagram and Pinterest like Tailwind does. It does so by providing comprehensive reports about popular content on both platforms. This strategy is the perfect fodder for boosting audience engagement.

tailwind analytics tool for social media

The tool perfectly mixes analytics right on the dashboard. This means that you can view the stats every time you’re logged on. The feature to export reports into PDF format whilst supporting hashtags makes Tailwind alluring.

It also incorporates picturesque content which will fit right in with your social media marketing strategy.

Price: Free trial. Blogger and small businesses access premium service for $9.99 per month. Large brands and enterprises start from $799.99 monthly.

12. Upfluence

This is an all-inclusive SaaS that enables brands to manage campaigns all the way from conception to payout.

This model is specifically tailored to facilitate businesses to play around with the content creation process. Most of the content from this process is usually impactful thereby helping brands land more clients.

upfluence social media analytics tool

By making light work of processes like planning, creation, publishing, and distribution, Upfluence serves as the ultimate Swiss army knife.

The tool allows you to locate influencers in a couple of simple clicks. Their search engine functionality is packed with more than 20 complex filters. Their database is quite robust and features more than 600,000 user profiles. Even with all this, you can comfortably customize the search criteria. You can choose to key in things like keywords, geolocation, follower count, and language.


Social media analytics tools are explicitly built to ease the report generation process. These tools also allow you to switch up your social media strategies for enhanced engagement levels. With time, you’re bound to realize higher revenues and an upturn in your following.

Whether you’re a small business or an established brand, these tools can play a pivotal role in your enterprise. Not only do these tools boost ROI, but they also help streamline your marketing venture.

Having a cross-platform tool that has competitive analysis is a surefire way to gain prospects. We’re certain our list of social analytics tools will be central in boosting your social media presence.

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