If you have not thought about how you can get the most out of your engagement on Instagram, now is the time.

The social media platform has helped a lot of brands, and businesses grow from anonymity to a household name. The good news is, you can do that to your brand as well.

In this post, we will walk you through the 15 Instagram best practices that will help skyrocket your sales and engagement.

1. Create quality content for your followers

Create quality Instagram content

This is tip might be a little too obvious, but it is one of Instagram’s best practices that are the hardest to follow.

If you want to grow your following and engage with your target audience, then you need to post the type of content that your audience wants to see the most.

To give you a better understanding of that, you have to get to know your target market. What inspires them? What are the things that they love?

Once you have an idea of these things, then you can create better quality content based on what they want to see.

2. Balance promotional and inspirational content

Promotional and Inspirational content
Source: Lush Cosmetics

Your feed should not be all about your brand. Strike a healthy balance between promotional and engaging and inspiring content.

If you post all the time telling your audience how great your brand is, they will be put off and are less likely going to follow you.

People go to Instagram to be inspired and to feel something. Rather than making every post about your brand, look for ways in which you can inspire your audience and encourage them to start a conversation.

3. Incorporate a well-worded call-to-action in your posts

Call To Action Instagram Posts

Always include a call-to-action in the majority of your posts. A well-worded and carefully placed CTA will spark engagement and interaction among your followers.

Here are various ways how you can use call-to-actions:

  • Ask a question. Asking questions is a fantastic way to inspire engagement on your posts. Make sure that it is relevant to your followers, as well as something that they are comfortable answering.
  • Ask your audience to tell you something. Encourage your followers to participate by asking them to tell you something in particular.
  • Encourage them to tag someone. Asking your audience to tag someone is an excellent way to encourage engagement and expand your reach. Ask them to tag someone whom they think your post might resonate with. 

4. Utilize hashtags wisely

Benefit Cosmetics Instagram
Source: Benefit Cosmetics

Hashtags are a fantastic way to help you have a bigger following by improving your online visibility. That way, when a user uses a particular hashtag on Instagram, they could come across your content tagged along with that hashtag.

A best practice on hashtags is not to overdo it. Make sure that all your hashtags are relevant to your content and audience.

If appropriate, you can also use branded hashtags, which allows you to invite your audience to take part in your brand experience.

5. Invest in an Analytics Platform

Having an analytics platform will help you come up with content that resonates with your followers.

Armed with this data, it is easy to identify what you opt to share moving forward. An analytics platform helps you skyrocket your engagement on Instagram because it is easier to make data-driven decisions.

6. Do not neglect the timing

You might have the best Instagram post, but if none of your followers are active when you posted it, then you are probably not going to generate the results that you are hoping for.

When it comes to Instagram’s algorithm, timing is key. Newer posts will be displayed first. Meaning, you should be posting at peak times your followers are active on the platform.

So, when is the best time to post? Unfortunately, there is no clear answer that might work for everyone. The best times to post for your brand may vary significantly with other brands.

That said, you should pay attention to your analytics. Experiment posting at various times of the day, and then track how well your content performed during those times.

7. Use Instagram Stories to complement your efforts

Instagram Stories Tips
Source: Macy’s

Brands can take advantage of the Instagram Stories feature to engage with their followers in new and exciting ways.

Videos and images can be taken directly in your phone, and you can add filters, texts, stickers, GIFs, or even polls to know your audience’s opinion about something. It is a fun way to engage with your audience outside your usual Instagram feed.

8. Host a contest or a giveaway

Source: Too Faced Cosmetics

Another fun way to engage your audience with your brand is to host a contest or giveaway.

Maybe you want to start hosting a photo contest or doing a contest that is as simple as letting your followers comment to join. Contests are all about incentivizing your followers so that they will engage with you.

Just keep in mind that Instagram has rules if you are planning to run a contest. So make sure that you read and abide by them as well.

9. Post consistently

For people to engage with you consistently, they need to see it. So, try posting on a steady and regular schedule.

Not only that, it gives your followers an idea of what to expect on your content, but it also disrupts the Instagram algorithm in one way or another. Thus, it allows your activities and content to be prioritized on your followers’ feeds.

10. Be relatable and show your human side

Toms Instagram Account
Source: TOMS

To be easily relatable with your audience, try to inject humor on your Instagram posts. The goal here is how to improve people’s perception of your brand.

You should also remember that a positive brand perception also helps boost sales! If humor does not go well with your brand, go for inspiring and thought-provoking content.

Instagram is a perfect platform to craft posts that are easily relatable to ordinary people.

11. Feature your followers on your page

According to a report, 93 percent find user-generated content helpful before ultimately purchasing a product.

More and more people are drawn to UGC because it serves as social proof, helping them make a more informed decision. A lot of brands have already embraced UGC on Instagram because it helps boost brand engagement and reach.

12. Get social with your followers in the comments

Social media is all about being social. If you want more people to engage with your content, then you need to do the work and engage with them.

This means being consistently active in the comments section. Whenever someone asks a question, do not hesitate to answer it. If someone compliments your post or your brand, do not hesitate to thank them.

Try to do all of this in a 24-hour time frame. The more active you are in the comments section, the more engagement you will be able to see over time.

If you couldn’t engage with your followers consistently, you can hire a social media manager to monitor your account and engage with your followers on your behalf.

13. Run Instagram ads

An organic Instagram marketing strategy is a great way to build a channel that is highly efficient by keeping your customer acquisition costs low.

But organic engagement is also getting hard to come by these days. So, why not try incorporating Instagram ads into the mix to leverage the content that is already performing well organically?

The platform offers powerful targeting options like Facebook, allowing you to create highly relevant content for a specific group of users.

14. Collaborate with influencers

Collaborate with influencers
Source: Zoe Sugg

Influencers have the power to boost your reach and engagement on Instagram, and can even help you come up with more compelling content. In fact, according to a study, 94 percent of marketers that use some influencer marketing believe that it works.

However, it can be challenging to find out what particular type of influencer marketing has a direct impact on your bottom line. But the beauty of running influencer campaigns on Instagram is that it is easily measurable as compared to other platforms.

For instance, if your post engagement or total follow count increased during an influencer marketing campaign, then it is an excellent sign that there is a positive correlation.

Observe how your audience utilizes the platform and engage with the brands that they love. Be aware of practices that are popular in your niche, as this might open up opportunities for you to reach a broader audience.

Instagram is continually making changes and improvements that allow you to reach your audience in new and exciting ways. So, keep your eyes peeled for the general and latest industry trends on the platform.

Over to You

Instagram can be a tough nut to crack. You are competing with other brands, celebrities, and influencers in your industry.

The key here is consistency. Hopefully, these tips will help you create better and engaging content that will boost your sales and engagement in the long run.

Ensure that you follow the best practices mentioned above each time you create content on the platform.

About the Author – Kevin Urrutia is the founder of Voy Media Advertising Agency NYC. He aids businesses in effectively improving sales and conversion through the effective utilization of Facebook advertising. Voy Media is an expert in determining the best approach, coming up with a unique solution for each client.


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