The key is, no matter what business you have, but the way you present it truly matters. 

It’s important to figure out how customers perceive your brand or products. When you understand how they interpret what they see, you can succeed.

Core Facts To Ensure the Importance of Visualisation

It’s a common truth, first impressions are most lasting. There are tons of theories and studies proving the importance and priority of visual information processing. People need to see something to believe it. Visible facts are worth thousands of words.

  1. The human brain transmits 90 percent of visual information. Images are processed 60,000 times faster than only-text content. (Thermopylae Sciences).
  2. Your web page has only 50 milliseconds to make a good first impression (ResearchGate).
  3. Mind-blowing visual content attracts 94 percent more views than the boring one (Skyword research).
  4. People well remember 80 percent of what they see, 20 percent of what they read, and only 10 percent of what they hear (Jerome Bruner research).
  5. Images are 93 percent of most alluring content on Facebook (Socialbakers). 

For this reason, never undervalue the role of visual marketing in your business. A visually appealing ad campaign can impact your customers and result in a huge ROI.

Helpful Visual Marketing Tips & Ideas with Examples

To make marketing work on your business, it is crucial to take a cue from the web designers’ skills, findings, and knowledge. As the old saying goes, ask the experienced rather than the learned. 

#1 Catchy design is a priority

65 percent of human beings are visual learners. We are not able to change the nature of people’s brains. That’s why it would be madness to neglect these figures.

When choosing a design for your business website or landing page, take into account a ton of aspects. All the elements have to be balanced and look harmonious. Each color, logo, icon should have the right place.

Using catchy colors in accordance with Color Theory provides an eye-pleasing design that sticks in the memory. A balanced color scheme will be associated with positive emotions.

As a rule, those who have no coding skills opt for ready-made solutions to building an effective ad campaign. There are tons of visual marketing tools to boost your business. You can grab something specific or find a feature-rich bundle like this one.

Ultimate digital marketing pack

With this Ultimate Digital Marketing pack, you have a great opportunity to create a solid marketing strategy. It includes all possible visuals like animated banners, fonts, illustrations, icons, etc. Besides, the pack is fully editable and customizable. In a few clicks, you can adjust it to your needs. In fact, the pack is worth your attention.

#2 Infographics are king

It’s difficult to overestimate the role of infographics in modern marketing. Since people need to process an ever-expanding sea of information, they need an easy way to do it.

Infographics serve as a highly effective way to deliver and analyze the wealth of knowledge. Besides, they are handy to be shared throughout social media platforms. You should admit, it’s a great chance to engage and enlarge the target audience.

That said, well-designed, thought-out infographics truly grab attention. They are 100% more size-conscious than text-only content.

There are many helpful tools and services allowing you to create an infographic without effort.

#3 Use flashy graphics

You have surely heard about the ‘3-second rule’. According to this widely accepted on the web rule, a website owner has no more than 3 seconds to grab a visitor’s attention. Some web developers are sure you have about 2 seconds prior to losing his or her attention.

For this reason, you need a highly interactive and appealing graphics. Using flashy elements works perfectly on promotional needs. Bright and glittering images or their parts 100% suit holiday promotions. 

Marketing tools can’t be dull and boring. They must be creative, informative, and meet practical purposes. Flashy graphics correspond to these requirements, no doubt.

#4 Don’t forget about visual quotes

They are still popular. Turn a quote into a colorful or branded visual, and it will surely attract a visitor’s attention. Moreover, people like sharing quote-based illustration on social platforms.

#5 Grab attention with social media visuals.

Never lose connection with social media platforms. Today they rule. They help to build a large client database, promote your brand and expand your target audience.

Images are the biggest part of social media content. Each post is enhanced with a picture or any other visual. The more engaging image is, the wider audience you can rely on.

Social Media promotional banners

Fortunately, crafting promotional elements for various platforms has become easy as pie thanks to a rich variety of premium templates. For example, you can make use of promotional banners template that comes with unique collages layouts. Such a tool will help your business shine on the web. 

#6 Insert images every 100 words

If you make a post including images or other visuals, it can produce 650 percent higher engagement than its text-only counterparts. 

Imagine that you need to read an article with hundreds of words and without images. It will be pretty boring. 

Don’t be afraid to overwhelm your text with images. Using smart, engaging visuals will work on your business and brand awareness.

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#7 Opt for responsive apps

People go mobile. Today their PCs and laptops are successfully replaced with smartphones. It’s comfortable. You can access everything you need on the go. 

Having an app will ease your customers’ experience. Once your customer installs it on his device, your business will become closer to him or her. Utilize different visually appealing notifications to promote your products.

Having an app is great. But it has to feature catchy design and seamless performance. Otherwise, your customers will say you ‘Good-bye’ and uninstall your app.

App templates

Turns out, launching an app is easy and affordable. There are tons of ready-made app templates with multiple customization options and helpful features.

#8 Use a consistent style

Using creative, extra-ordinary and mind-blowing visuals is great. However, they shouldn’t be out of the overall picture. 

Try to be consistent. Such an approach will help you brand yourself through your visuals. With a consistent style, your company will be easily recognizable among counterparts. 

#9 Insert branded images

Images can work on your business more intensively if they are branded. There are many free and premium online programs that can help you make your images unique. 

It won’t take a lot of time and effort. But branded images will stick in your customers’ memory. They will help you build your brand awareness.

Remember that visual marketing tools are intended to make your project stand out from the crowd. So that avoid ordinary elements and remake them to reach uniqueness.

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#10 Experiment with formats

Move from pictures and tables to memes and infographics. Don’t forget about the video implementation. Experiment with all sorts of various formats. In such a way it’s possible to find the most appropriate for your business.


When building your marketing strategy remember that people don’t have much patience for text. As a rule, they read up to 28% of the words on the web page (from Nielsen Norman Group research). For this reason, rely on visuals that can pop and lead to deep engagement. 

This article was contributed by Lana Miro.


This article was contributed by a guest writer. Not affiliated with SkillsLab.

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