Today, you’re going to find out how to resize photos for Facebook without drastically reducing the quality of the images.

The best part?

This is very easy to do, and some of the tools mentioned are 100% free!

So, without further ado, let’s dive right in.

Optimising content for social media is vital nowadays. Believe it or not, 43% of online stores receive a substantial amount of traffic from their social accounts.

That figure will no doubt continue to increase.

Therefore, it makes sense to optimise your images and videos for social media to boost audience engagement and interaction.

When publishing media to Facebook, you’ll want to ensure it displays correctly. We’ve covered all of the supported sizes and dimensions for Facebook in a previous article.

However, sometimes the images we need are already a different size, therefore requiring us to resize them.

When it comes to resizing photos for Facebook, you’re spoilt for choice in terms of methods.

Below, you’ll find three different ways to resize your images quickly and easily. Majority of which are free.

Resize photos for Facebook online

Probably the easiest and quickest way to resize your photos for Facebook is by using an online tool. There’s plenty available on the web. We’d recommend using either; BeFunky’s image resizer, ResizeImage.net or PicResize.com.

Simply load up an online Facebook resizer tool like the ones listed above, then upload your image. Click continue and you will be given the options to crop the image, rotate and resize the image. Once you’re happy, click ‘done’ and the image will be resized for you automatically.

Facebook Image Resize

This is by far the easiest way to resize your image if you don’t have any professional software or experience.

Resize photos for Facebook using Photoshop

If you have access to software such as Photoshop, then this would be a better option to ensure the quality isn’t affected.

This will also allow you to be in control of the file size. In order to resize photos for Facebooking using Photoshop, drag the image into the software. Then hover over the ‘Image’ at the top and select ‘Image Size’ from the drop-down. This will open up a box allowing you to key in the appropriate width and height.

Resize photo for Facebook using Photoshop

Afterwards, click ‘Ok’. You may need to readjust the image, one way to achieve this is by using the ‘Free Transform’ option (Command/Ctrl + T).

Resize images for Facebook with Canva

Resizing images for Facebook is very easy when using a tool like Canva. The only requirement is you’ll need to have a Canva Pro account. This will allow you then utilise the ‘Magic Resize Pro’ feature where it takes just one click to resize your graphics.

Simply drag your image to the background, select the platforms you would like to resize for and then select ‘Copy & resize. The magic will start to happen… Canva Pro costs $9.95 per month and is billed yearly. You can however, take advantage of the free 30 days trial.

Resize photos for Facebook with Canva Pro


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