There are a lot of good reasons why you should be running retargeting campaigns – defined targeting, higher conversion rates and improved ROI just to name a few.

A lot of platforms are claiming to be the number one retargeting platform going and in this huge and competitive market, it’s hard to know which one actually does the job best. Especially if you’re new to the game and just want to be up and running – when they’re all seemingly doing and selling the same service right?

You may find success on any of the platforms out there, and ultimately it’s down to finding out what works best for your business – but here are some of our go to’s and the way we use them for maximum results.

Top Retargeting Tools & Strategies

1. Adroll Retargeting Tool

AdRoll is an online advertising platform offering multiple advertising options, but you’ve most likely heard of it for its retargeting.

Whilst they’re not offering anything revolutionary or particularly different than any other platform – the benefit is the vast scope of the online space you can reach with them. According to Neil Patel, AdRoll allows you to reach 98% of sites on the internet.

AdRoll Retargeting Tools

What is also great about AdRoll, is the user-friendly interface. If you’re new to retargeting, the platform will walk you through the set up in a really simple way. You’ll be up and running within minutes, and if you get stuck with anything the live chat function is really helpful.

Their agents are always on hand to go into your account and fix anything that doesn’t look quite right. They’ll also give you their advice on how to best optimise your campaign.

2. Facebook Retargeting

With more than 2 billion monthly active users it would be crazy to leave this out of your digital marketing strategy.

As we’ve seen with the likes of AdRoll we can deploy our retargeting ads on to Facebook, but making full use of the custom audiences and running retargeting campaigns from Facebook directly is also another great way to really refine and strengthen your campaign.

Facebook is brilliant for retargeting. You can use the other standard methods that all the other platforms use – like targeting webpage visitors that didn’t take an action, and exclude converters easily – but what adds the spice here is the ability to retarget people who have taken a specific action/engagement on your existing Facebook ads, page and posts.

This also includes Instagram too.

A little example…

You’re running a lead gen campaign on Facebook, with a pop up lead form taking you to a downloadable asset on a landing page. You’ve got loads of lead form opens but not as many leads (form fills) as you’d hoped and are at a loose end as to what to do next.

Well, we know that to an extent the people who opened the form are at least mildly interested in your offering, but for one reason or another, they didn’t commit to sealing the deal.

What we can do next, is advertise to them again through the magic of custom audiences and we can select to market to ‘people who opened but didn’t submit form’ – maybe go for a less aggressive strategy and un-gate the ad and then send them to a gated landing page.

Or, have a think about the structure of your lead form – are you asking for an intrusive amount of info? Full name, middle name, job title, email, company, company email etc. Think about what you actually want to get from them and what is the bare necessity – you could simplify your form, try to stick to the auto-fill fields for minimum effort on their part and fire at them again.

Looking for some quick ways to improve your B2B Facebook ads? Here are 10 handy tips.

On-site Retargeting (Exit Intent)

When we think of retargeting we think of it as targeting ads at someone when they’ve left your page or site and are carrying on about their business elsewhere online.

There are other ways that we can try and pull them back in before they’ve even left. Pull them back in by monitoring their behaviour on your page – and if it looks they’re about to leave, we can retarget them with a message or offer at that exact moment.

Yes, we’ve all received them, and yes they can be annoying – but when done right and with the correct messaging and offer they can be a really productive and successful tool in capturing more leads and engaging your visitors. Don’t be too wordy and make sure that you’re offering the visitor a clear benefit.

How do they work? They track the movement a visitor makes with their cursor and are triggered when they look like they’re about to exit your site, ie moving towards the address bar or to close the tab or window.


By implementing these tools and strategies, you’re sure to convert more from your retargeting efforts, resulting in potentially more sales and business growth.

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