Having solid webinar promotion strategies in place ensures that you don’t fall flat on your face when marketing. Indeed, webinars have become the go-to option for influencers to grow their audiences through the years.

From a business perspective, 73% of B2B marketers and salespersons consider webinars as the ideal way to generate leads. This notion is greatly inspired by the fact that on average, webinars clock at least 61 minutes. This number gives webinars a significant edge over other marketing channels.

There’s no harm in informing the masses that about the topic of interest. If anything, this tends to drive the curiosity level up a notch. Your landing page should capture all this information in order to ease in participants to the sales process.

Implementing a couple of other webinar promotion strategies is important if you’re looking to gain traction. Of course, you could always flip a coin and hope for people to discover your content organically. The latter option is not wise if you’re looking to establish yourself since the odds are not that impressive. We’ve highlighted nine different webinar promotion strategies to get you up and running.

Top 9 Webinar Promotion Strategies

1. Social Media

It’s only apt for us to kick off with the big kahuna of the contemporary world. Despite the power contained therein, social media is still vastly underestimated. You can gain lots of momentum by posting concise posts paired with links to the webinar’s landing page.

Webinar Promotion Strategies - Using social media
Using social media to promote an upcoming webinar

There are numerous platforms for you to try your hand in. Popular options include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Quora, Reddit and LinkedIn. The key is to create content that resonates with your target audience. If you happen to have a small following, you should try paid social ads to boost awareness.

Facebook and LinkedIn feature comprehensive paid ad features to target your personas of interest. These platforms are excellent if you’re looking to reach out to new people and retarget previous visitors. The underlying theme here is that they offer you access to individuals interested in your subject matter.

2. Blogging

Quality content is at the heart all webinar promotion strategies. A promotional blog can help entice people to sign up and show up for the webinar. The concept is similar to the aforementioned customized landing page. This is because you’ll need to feature the fine details of the webinar in your creative composition. Once you’ve captured all this, you should proceed to publish the content. Sharing on social media can give a bump to the number of subscribers hence boost your reach.

After the webinar has finished, if you host on them on-demand, you should also consider promoting the recorded version by sharing key webinar takeaways in blog posts.

Example of a webinar write-up with a CTA to watch the webinar on-demand.

3. Lead Magnet

In the marketing sphere, lead magnets serve the purpose of convincing people to sign up for the webinar. Often times, people are compelled to learn more because of an innate human desire to acquire knowledge. The trick lies in formatting the pitch to sound irresistible.

Lead magnets are usually posted on the landing page since that’s where many visitors frequent. A perfectly crafted lead magnet is brief and straight to the point. This ensures that visitors fill out the sign-up form within 5 minutes of seeing the lead magnet.

You can incorporate a couple of realistic and helpful gemstones before the webinar kicks off. A “How To” document/video guide on subjects of interest can occupy your audience while they await D-Day.

4. Top Bar Banner on the Website

As earlier mentioned, websites are excellent platforms to connect with your audience. You can affix a top bar banner on each page of your website to promote awareness of the webinar. By working closely with your team of developers, you can customize the banner to make it stand out.

Webinar Promotion Strategies - Top Banner on Homepage
Webinar Promotion Strategies – Top Banner on Homepage

If your website happens to be on WordPress, some useful plugins can come in handy. Popular choices include SumoMe, Simple Banner and WP-TopBar.

5. Video Teasers

When contemplating about implementing webinar promotion strategies, its best to try thinking outside the box. While its true that most campaigns are writing oriented, you can always branch out. Video is an avenue that has been gaining admiration from many in recent years.

The video teaser should preferably be 2 minutes at most. In it, you need to capture a brief tell-all about the webinar and what viewers can expect. A crisp video teaser is ideally one that focuses on detail with varied camera shot angles. To boost the video teaser profile, you can try to get a couple of presenters featured.

6. Email Webinar Promotion Strategies

Email presents a fantastic opportunity for you to promote your webinar. During the initial phases, there’s a lot of testing involved. However, once you get the perfect combination, the doors open up. Proper research helps you come up with specialized sending schedules for your audience. At the same time, you’re able to know when to deploy the various email types at your disposal.

You can choose to send an email notification to your subscribers as early as a fortnight to the event. This email should serve as the initial invite to the event. After that, you can send a reminder about a week to the event.

Showing appreciation for your audience tends to foster trust. It’s courteous to send over a thank you email after the gig is concluded. These emails facilitate you registering organic hits since they create loyalists.

The email signature line also presents a powerful channel for you to promote your webinar. A well put quip in the email signature can help you reach out to a broader audience.

At SkillsLab, we tend to send promotional emails for upcoming webinars and also feature them within our newsletters too.

7. Live Chat

Live chat campaigns are excellent when it comes to getting new leads. You can activate live chat campaigns to launch after website visitors initiate a subset of actions.  The live chat sessions should start once the right triggers come into play. Therefore, you need to dedicate a considerable amount of time getting the triggers in place.

Going forward, live chat is expected to grow by about 87% in the next 12-18 months. This shows that people are increasingly becoming receptive to the live chat phenomenon. If you’re looking to get your webinar out there, it’s high time to join the bandwagon by embracing live chat.

8. Guest Speakers Promoting

Having new visitors co-host the webinar with you can help grow your audience. Getting your guest speakers to share engaging blog posts and social media promotion about the upcoming webinar is a surefire way to boost attendees.

9. Exit-Intent Popups

Of all the webinar promotion strategies, this particular one is the most intrusive. However, it’s an effective way to boost lead generation. Exit-intent popups usually appear once visitors hover outside a website.

Exit-intent popups tend to be effective on web pages where blogs are featured. They momentarily cause visitors to pause their actions for a couple of seconds and read through the offers posted. While providing the offers, you should ensure that you provide an option for visitors to register for the webinar. In doing so, you’ll be providing them with a final chance to convert.


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