Want to enthrall your audience? Well, try out YouTube Marketing.

It’s that simple really.

While we’re no math aficionados, we do know a thing or two about the state of video marketing today. At present, video content a sits pretty atop the throne and keeps notching impressive numbers with each passing day.

Intrigued? As you should be. Join us as we piece together a solid YouTube marketing strategy to take you to that next level.

Why you need a YouTube marketing strategy

It’s not a stretch to say that Google and YouTube are birds of a feather.

While one is renown as a search engine behemoth, the other reigns supreme when it comes to video.

Whatever industry you’re in, whether you’re a musician or running an online thrift shop, YouTube can help give your brand a face. This is especially true when you consider that 62% of consumers check out product review videos before making a buying decision.

Having pointed out just how essential YouTube is to the contemporary scene, it would be slapdash of us if we didn’t touch on the essence of having a formula.

A YouTube marketing strategy can help you better structure and plan the content you create. While it’s true that video draws all the oohs and ahhs, you need to figure out how to switch up the style every once in a while.

The element of surprise is a good thing since its likely going to turn your subscribers into loyalists. Who knows, a vast majority of them may just decide to click on that notification bell button.

A solid strategy can also be your eyes and ears to keep you in tune with what the masses really want. By sticking to an elaborate plan, there’s little chance of you deviating and straying away from the key objectives. If you happen to find yourself running short of ideas or experiencing writer’s block, here are some awesome strategies to help you think ahead.

Since Rome wasn’t built in a day, you need to keep tabs about your performance on the regular. The results your content rake in can help you inform your future posting decisions.

Develop your YouTube marketing strategy with these 7 tactics

1. Do your homework

The best-laid plans need in-depth research before they are executed.

If you’re looking to establish your brand on YouTube, then, you need to really do your homework. Ideally, this means looking up what’s causing all waves in the market. Your competitors may actually be up to something really interesting. Since you don’t want to simply just level up and conform to their standards, the onus is on you to figure out gaps that exist in the content that they produce.

With this kind of insight, you’ll be better prepared to come up with exciting content that uniquely engages the masses.

2. Value addition

Albert Einstein, one of the brightest minds ever, once opined that, “Try not to become a person of success, but rather try to become a person of value.”

There’s probably good reason why he said this. In a way, value is intrinsically connected to success. The more value you offer, the more likely you’re going to be successful.

On the same note, it’s vital to remember that value is also closely linked to influence. The more value you share, the greater your influence among the masses.

When developing content for YouTube, you need to be mindful why people are actually interacting with video content more than other mediums. Since videos are typically more personal and engaging, you need to ensure that you provide maximum entertainment value. This means tailoring your content to be both interesting and informative.

3. Collaborate

There’s a new brand of influencers in the marketing scene: YouTubers. Having amassed a large following in their channels, they are able to garner millions of views in a matter of hours.

Since there’s a wide selection of YouTubers out there, you can link up with those who espouse the same beliefs as you do. Ideally, you also want them to know a little something about your niche. Once you do, you’ll find that they are able to connect and communicate with your target audience with great ease. This YouTube marketing strategy is one of the best ways to organically grow.

On paper, this sounds like a simple idea. However, we cannot really emphasize just how important it is. While having a massive viewership is incredible, it’s important to also convert some of the viewers into actual buyers.

The best way for this to happen is by linking back to your website. If you’re lost at sea about how to do this, you can either incorporate an annotation in the video or simply paste a link to your site in the description section.

5. Create Calls-to-Action

As entertaining as the content you share may be, ultimately, you need to make a sale. Incorporating a CTA is one of the best ways to do this.

To ensure that viewers are not disengaged from what you want to say, it’s a good idea to have the CTA feature right at the very end of your video.

Since this is typically the outro section, you need to ensure that you properly make that transition. If you’re unsure about how to proceed, this guide should provide you with amazing pointers.

6. Consistency is key

Admittedly, a YouTube channel is harder to maintain that a blog. There are production costs to cover, scriptwriting, and filming.

Despite all these processes, you need not despair. You can successfully build a solid platform so long as you’re committed to the cause.

To ensure that your viewers are aware of when to expect content from you, you can add a short introductory video highlighting the frequency of your posts. This alone will serve as sufficient incentive for you to stick to the plan and engage with your audience.

Having mentioned this, it’s important that consistency isn’t just a numbers game. It’s pertinent that the quality of your production doesn’t dip. By maintaining the same standards you started with, you’ll be able to unlock more audiences and build a noteworthy following.

7. Avoid lengthy videos

To ensure that you’re able to get the most out of your videos, try not to produce lengthy videos. As fun as video is, about 95% of consumers believe that videos need to be less than 2 minutes.

Another study also highlighted that videos over 30 minutes only have a 10% retention rate among viewers.

Since you want to develop relatable content, it’s important that you do so without being redundant.

To find that sweet spot, we’d encourage you to experiment with the video length to figure out what gives you maximum engagement. At the end of the day, you want to ensure that all your videos as interesting, informative and brief.


If content is king, then YouTube is probably his right-hand, guiding the modern marketer’s forays in the digital scene.

Having shared some brilliant pointers on how to develop your own YouTube marketing strategy, we’re confident you’re ready to take on the world.

Do you think that you can pull off YouTube marketing? How would you go about it?

Let us know in the comments below!


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