Many sales teams are usually held back by time constraints.

As such, making every second count should be at the top of your agenda.

To really see your sales skyrocket, you also need to do more than just hiring a proficient team and implementing good business strategies.

Getting acquainted with the best sales apps in the market is one of the best ways you can stay on top of your game. Since there’s a myriad of options out there, you need tread carefully before committing your resources to a particular app.

Here’s a quick review of the most noteworthy sales apps today:

Best Apps for Sales Reps

1. Slack

This is regarded as one of the best apps for sales for a good reason: on the platform, you can easily collaborate with your team members.

Slack Apps for Sales

Slack allows teams to communicate remotely through a centralized system. In addition to this, the app supports file sharing and group discussions with great level of transparency.

  • You can favorite important messages for quick access later on
  • This sales app allows you to set reminders for task completion
  • You can seamlessly work with external contacts by adding them as guests
  • Allows you to come up with various channels for different topics

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2. HubSpot

HubSpot Sales App

This is one of the best sales apps no matter how big your company. There’s a wealth of options for you to play with as you develop your marketing campaign.

If you’re looking for a reliable, well-maintained sales app that offers more bang for your buck, then this is the way to go. Right from the word go, you can enhance your numbers without having to spend a fortune on training overhead.

  • Intuitive interface
  • Freemium operation
  • Fantastic email integration

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3. LeadIQ

Among sales apps, LeadIQ probably takes the scoop in terms of providing you with great intel on how to find your prospects faster without having to resort to manual data entry.

LeadIQ Sales App

There’s an assortment of features for you to enhance the productivity of your team. It’s a robust program that’s sure to keep your salesforce data clean without duplicates.

  • Comes loaded with a campaign builder
  • You can prospect while on the move
  • Has features for you to include a VP of sales, account executives, and sales development reps

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4. LinkedIn

This is one of the most impressive mobile sales apps. This is because it gives you the lowdown about a prospect and what they’re really all about, even before you step into the meeting room.

LinkedIn Sales App for Professionals

It’s also a great way to tap into your professional world and keep tables with your network.

  • A fantastic way of finding and researching prospective employers, vendors, and clients
  • It’s a powerful medium to get industry insights and network with associates
  • Has a large database of professionals

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5. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

You can help your sales team to build and nurture customer relationships with LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator. In the long run, you’ll realize an expanded network and enhanced sales numbers.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Sales App
  • You have access to PointDrive presentations, this enables you to come up with engaging sales content on the fly
  • You can access live notifications on the status updates of various leads you’re chasing
  • The InMail feature allows you to directly communicate with contacts and engage with them

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6. Twitter

More than just a social media platform, Twitter also excels as a great sales app.

Twitter Sales Hashtags

It’s powerful enough to allow you to live-tweet conferences as you monitor your industry followers multiply.

  • It’s quite unique in that it offers a different way to discover, create, and consume content.
  • The hashtags and limited word count features tend to encourage you to tap into your creative juices when telling a narrative
  • Offers one of the best social selling methods
  • You are also able to follow top sales professionals and thought leaders and digest their content

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7. Zoom

It’s an impressive sales app that allows you to save travel expenses. Instead of scheduling meetings in person, you can hold webinars, conferences, and meetings online, with ease.

Zoom Sales App for Meetings

Zoom is a great way to conduct distance meetings without leaving the confines of your office

  • Supports HD video and transcription services
  • You can easily share screens with prospects and deliver great sales pitches

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8. Chorus

With this app, your days of losing vital information necessary to close a deal will be long gone. The app is built to keep your conversations with prospects safe and easy to retrieve whenever you want to.

Chorus Sales App

Chorus also offers transcription services and allows you to get insights from calls you make to prospects.

  • You can easily identify the best performers
  • It’s a robust platform that is able to analyze sales calls and recordings
  • You can come up with a smart playlist to guide new sales reps on how to deal with prospects

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9. HelloSign

You can swiftly append your signature on vital documents with HelloSign.

HelloSign Sales App

The well-built e-signature app permits you to sign paper while you go about your online tasks. It shines as one of the most exciting sales apps because it’s fully compliant with the ESIGN act.

  • You can monitor your signatures without much ado thanks to the timely notifications
  • Has great integration with other apps like Slack and Evernote
  • You can send documents to clients all around the world and get them signed in a jiffy

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10. Sendoso

This is a great engagement delivery platform. It’s built to ensure companies are able to source, send, and centralize gifts, notes, and direct mail.


The sales app makes possible timely deliveries to various parts of the world. It also integrates perfectly with different platforms like Engagio, Salesforce, and Marketo.

  • Super easy to send prospects swag and items at the tap of a button
  • Fantastic personalization for every product sent out
  • Can help you nudge prospects towards completing a sale

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11. Dropbox

This is a multi-faceted program that not only allows you to store crucial documents like contracts and proposals, but it also lets you come up with new documents using Paper and collaborate with your sales team on the project.

Dropbox Apps for Sales
  • Amazing reliability. Files are easily portable without having to use any external devices
  • Dropbox uses a secure cloud encryption to ensure that your files stay intact
  • Effortless synchronization of files once they are uploaded to your account
  • The “History” tab allows users to access previous versions of their files

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12. Calendly

As an automated scheduling solution, Calendly is one of the finest sales apps for sales. With the app, you’re bound to realize massive savings not just for your own good, but also for your prospects.

Calendly App
  • You get to cut down on phone tag, this gives you more time to convert leads
  • Customers are likely to leave impressed by the smooth design and fantastic experience
  • Has great metrics and reporting tools
  • Has enhanced privacy and controls

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13. ClickUp

ClickUp is a remarkable hybrid project management sales app.

ClickUp Sales App for Project Management

Other than this, it’s also loaded with numerous customizable features. You can swiftly configure it to work for you depending on your needs i.e. whether you’re intent on using the app as a developer, manager, or some other position in the sales team.

  • You can quickly follow threaded comments
  • You can customize the notifications
  • Has machine learning capabilities
  • ClickUp offers super rich editing

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14. 1Password

With 1Password, you can store all your account logins and important details in a secure vault.


You’ll also find it easy to sync passwords and back them up to your device, a handy feature which lets you work while you’re on the move.

  • Very secure system that keeps your confidential information under the wraps.
  • Without compromising on account integrity, 1Password lets you skip the logging in process. all you need to get inside the system is to push a button and you’re all set
  • Has a neatly designed digital wallet

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15. Expensify

This nifty sales app automates the entire process of expense reporting and tracking. Effectively, this means you can take a seat in the recliner as it handles receipt generation, payments handling, and the finalization of expense reports.

Expensify Sales App
  • Automatic integration of the app with financial institutions, credit cards, and a host of other payment systems
  • Real-time expense reports
  • Automatic reimbursement of funds
  • Has flexible travel integrations

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16. Vidyard

This is a fine online business platform where you can access numerous video materials for your marketing campaign.

Vidyard Sales App
  • You can customize your viewing experience by taking a pick from 10 player skins
  • The sales app allows you to fully control access to your videos. The options include deciding who get to see the content you post, the launch date and embed location
  • Has full compatibility with a host of browsers and operating systems
  • You can track the performance of your videos thanks to the integrated CRM tools
  • The sales app is powerful enough to allow you to perform A/B testing and find out which images get the most attention

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17. CloudApp

This is a great visual sharing sales app. Using the tool, you can capture and share engaging images and videos for your target audience.

CloudApp for Sales

You can also use CloudApp to come up with empathic videos which work great when conversing with customers. It also helps enhance the communication levels with your audience whilst also help promote collaboration at the workplace.

  • The sales app also has fantastic secure sharing and control access features
  • With the app, you have all the necessary communication tools for great communication with customers and within the company
  • The advanced analytics feature gives you necessary insights which you can use to steer your company in the right direction

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18. Proposify

This SaaS-model web platform is built to ensure that your proposal writing process proceeds without a hitch.

Sales App Proposify

It’s an incredible sales app because it helps ensure that you can quickly track and manage proposal as you collaborate with teams and come up with fantastic reusable templates.

  • Proposify allows you to cut down on the time you spend crafting high-quality proposals
  • Has a user-friendly platform loaded with plenty of starter content and built-in templates
  • This sales app makes collaboration a breeze. You can have multiple team members involved in the content creation process

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19. SalesLoft

This is one of the best apps for sales since it gives teams a great platform for communication whilst beautifully integrating email and phone communication activities.

SalesLoft Sales App
  • You can track open and response rates
  • Great personalization of emails
  • On the platform, you have access to real-time actionable insights
  • Supports Salesforce integration and comes with an integrated dialer
  • Salesloft has wonderful cadence scheduling capabilities

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20. Sigstr

This is a state-of-the-art, cloud-based email marketing sales app that gives you the power to promote marketing campaigns by making use of your employees’ email signatures.

The app is outstanding in that it is able to convert day-to-day email communication into an effective marketing platform. It does this by introducing custom-built banners for your campaigns in your employees’ email signatures.

  • The app has is really convenient in that you can access every email client on a multitude of platforms and devices
  • Supports automated scheduling of tasks
  • Fitted with a powerful What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editor

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21. BuzzSumo

This is a well-designed social media analytics sales app. By making use of its robust social media search engine, you can access the top-performing content in your particular niche.

  • BuzzSumo notifies you what your competitors are doing to connect with their audiences
  • The app comes to the rescue of content curators and creators who are struggling to develop content that aligns with the needs of the target audience
  • With BuzzSumo, you’ll have access to all the trending posts in your industry

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22. LucidChart

LucidChart is one of the best apps for sales. It’s designed to provide enterprises with a web-based, intuitive flowchart platform fitted with a suite of bells and whistles.

On the app, you can easily brainstorm and manage different projects on the go. The tool also integrates well with a host of web applications like Google Apps.

  • Intuitive interface which makes it ideal in a number of industries in the business and engineering disciplines
  • The web-based diagram software is adaptable to various workflows
  • You can quickly come up with amazing content without having a background as a graphics/professional designer

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23. Hubspot Business Card Scanner

This is a mobile business card reader sales application you can integrate into your HubSpot CRM account. Using the tool, you can swiftly capture crucial information from business cards. All you simply have to do is have your rear-facing camera directed towards the business card.

HubSpot Business Card Scanner
  • It’s one of the most impressive sales apps because it allows you to process as many as 5 business cards in a minute
  • The app massively simplifies the process of capturing and storing contact details from business cards
  • Accurately converts business card data
  • Supports multiple languages

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24. Fireflies.ai

Using Fireflies, you can record, transcribe, and search for all the calls you make in a central location. Intended to ensure great collaboration, Fireflies works fantastically well in augmenting data capture at the office.

  • You can obtain transcripts from old recordings
  • Helps you with investor conversations and it’s easy for you to follow up on sales pitches
  • Has an intuitive dashboard from where you can control the entire system

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25. Pocket

Salespersons are always striving to grow their knowledge base. With Pocket, you’ll have more time to check out noteworthy content at a time of your convenience without missing out on your favorite articles.

Pocket Sales App
  • The Explore web page gives you suggestions of the must-reads culled from other Pocket users’ favorites.
  • Pocket smartly checks out what you like to read and who you follow. The recommended section is built to ensure that you don’t miss out on all your favorite topics
  • You can get notified whenever friends and associates share something for you to check out

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26. Nextiva

This is the best voice communications platform you can give a sales rep. Nextiva makes it dead simple to route inbound calls, track call activity, and take calls from your cell phone, laptop, desk phone, or computer.

Nextiva Sales App

Nextiva gives your sales reps all the tools they need besides business phone service. With Nextiva, you can:

  • Visualize call metrics on an individual and company-wide level.
  • Text and call your customers from your mobile devices.
  • Sync your calls with your CRM and view customer insights at-a-glance.

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As a salesperson, it’s imperative to always keep abreast with the times. This not only allows you to grow your business, but it also gives you an edge over the competition.

With the aforementioned sales apps as part of your arsenal, you’re sure to notice growth in your business and find it easy communicating with your team members.

Did you find a favorite sales app from the compilation? Which one looks to be the most promising?

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the topic so, feel free to share with us your thoughts below.


Kevin Thomas Tully is a globally-recognized Social Selling and Big Data strategist who employed the principles of Social Selling long before the term entered the popular business vernacular. A Johns Hopkins-trained data scientist, Kevin has applied true buyer intent data, predictive analytics, and data mining to the sales and marketing process for more than a decade to gain a strategic marketplace advantage for leading brands worldwide.

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