In an age where information technology is everything, outbound sales techniques seem to be heavily ignored. Luckily, that’s just urban legend. Outbound sales techniques seem to hang around in the background. As the Newtonian laws go, bodies at rest or in uniform motion remain affixed on their paths unless acted upon by external forces. The best outbound sales techniques tend to obey the Newtonian laws.

It is quite interesting that the laws of physics could have so much meaning and represent such a core tenet of the business world. As a salesperson, you need to be constantly on the move and looking for new ways to close leads and crunch the numbers. It’s in doing so that you are able to master your craft and hone your skill set. Otherwise, you remain redundant.

Our analysis today will be looking to review seven of the top tips to enhance your outbound sales campaign. We’re certain the quick pointers will do you the world of good.

Outbound Sales Techniques – 7 Tips for Success

1. Scripted Performance

Since many people seem to be against the very idea of cold calls and emails, you need to ensure that you sound confident in what you are saying. Any hint of unpreparedness and random mumbling is likely to drive a wedge between you and prospects.

Cold calling scripts are perfect because they provide an elaborate guideline on how to handle the extremes and moderates of every situation. To avoid getting panicky midway through the call, it’s good practice to internalize what’s cast in black and white. Doing so allows you to become comfortable with the subject matter. At the same time, you can add your own personal touch to the pitch and inject some confidence in the presentation.

2. Guns Blazing

Outbound sales success is quite easy to achieve. All you really need is the necessary drive and determination to have a go at it. As the adage goes, “where there’s a will, there’s a way.” By embracing this mantra, you can easily become the star of your own show.

For every sales call that you make, you should always aim to get things started on a positive note. Issuing compliments should be considered the norm. Making simple observations like the fantastic weather, wishing prospects a beautiful day ahead and cracking the odd joke every now and again can help prospects connect. This outbound sales tactic is remarkable when you consider the innumerable benefits it can bring to you. Anecdotes ensure that right from the off, clients have a positive perception about the entire pitch.

3. All about Positioning

An upright body posture has been known to enhance the quality of presentations. This is despite the fact that most cold calls are not conducted face-to-face. An inclined position, either sitting still or standing up, can add that much-needed oomph to your pitch. When you’re stooped and uncomfortable in how you’re reclined, you are likely to give off a bored vibe. As always, the last thing you want clients to feel is bored by the whole pitch.

Smiles also tend to improve the overall well being of individuals. You can thus make use of this knowledge in order to have an enjoyable tone of voice and enhance engagement levels.

4. Away with the Distractions

Focus is the name of the game. To achieve outbound sales success, you need to get rid of any possible distractions in your vicinity. This means that your workplace needs to be tidy to avoid unnecessary disturbances. Doing away with distractions like mobile phone games (read Candy Crush), unread personal emails and trinkets can have a massive positive difference in your pitch.

Before you venture out for a cold call, you should ensure that all pending tasks are completed. If that’s not possible, you should try to put them on hold. All the attention needs to be dedicated to listening to what the prospects have to say. Spending this time sorting out mails can be harmful to the odds of successfully converting a prospect to a lead. When you are at the ready, you can easily engage with customers and offer appropriate responses to objections raised.

5. No Foul Play

During your outbound sales presentation, you may find yourself eager to compare your product/service with the competition. It’s perfectly normal. However, if and when you decide to do this, you should avoid bad mouthing your competitors.

Why? Recent studies in the field of human psychology have revealed that a phenomenon known as spontaneous trait transference exists. The study has shown that whenever one says awful things about others, people tend to associate those very negative traits with the presenter.

The professional way to compare and contrast would be using positive euphemisms about the chasm in quality. That way, you can have the best of both worlds. Alternatively, you can always decline to comment about such topics with a simple “No comment” remark.

6. Emotional Connection

A review on the essence of emotional intelligence in society revealed that the trait may be more important than every other life skill out there. Making an emotional connection can play a key role in attaining outbound sales success. This is because more often than not, people’s decisions tend to be swayed by their emotional state.

Your job as a salesperson is to discover all the triggers and time when to key in the launch codes. Other than having a business acumen, you should have wit and incredible storytelling skills. Knowing how to integrate these qualities can help assuage prospects fears and convert them into avid fans. Proper research into a prospect can provide you with a narrative that allows you to connect with them.

You can make a product stand out by citing a number of reputable referrals and testimonials shared by people and brands you know are related to specific prospects. Doing so enables you to cover a lot of ground in terms of establishing trust. A prospect who has utmost belief in what your company represents is more likely to commit to closing a sale.

7. Clarity

When it comes to selling products and/services, the less said, the better. Often times, all prospects want to know is how a product or service can make their lives easier. Right from the word go, you should aim to mention how your product will help them save on losses, make them considerable funds, and streamline the process.

To get them thinking, you need to provide a number of stats and case studies to back up every assertion. In doing so, you will compel them to take action and look into what you have to offer. This is because you are not imposing but rather referencing just how revolutionary your product is. Once prospects start revering you as an advisor, you have a better chance of outbound sales success.


Like every other skill, outbound sales techniques need a lot of practice to get right. When making sales calls, you can print up visual aids to help you focus in on the task at hand. Having an image of your prospect right before your monitor can help you live in the moment. To get accustomed to the sales process, you can run through a couple of pointers and imagine the said prospects are in the same room. Recording is not a bad idea. This is because playback allows you to spot your weak areas and work towards becoming better.

As previously elucidated, sales is closely related to the sciences. Embracing technology, behavioral economics and psychology can help you gain a comprehension of what prospects want. Even with the outbound sales field being largely physical-based, science plays a key role in shaping events.


Kevin Thomas Tully is a globally-recognized Social Selling and Big Data strategist who employed the principles of Social Selling long before the term entered the popular business vernacular. A Johns Hopkins-trained data scientist, Kevin has applied true buyer intent data, predictive analytics, and data mining to the sales and marketing process for more than a decade to gain a strategic marketplace advantage for leading brands worldwide.

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