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With all the changes around us, it’s increasingly becoming evident that sales management softwares are here to stay.

The modern business industry is way too sophisticated and competitive for sales managers to do without the technology. Since breaking even is harder than ever, it’s necessary that you have the right tools at your disposal.

In today’s review, we’ll provide a quick snippet of the top sales management softwares out there. Using them, we’re confident you’ll be able to achieve sustained success going forward.

Sales Management Softwares: 9 Tools For Success

Watch: How To Get Actionable Insights From Sales Calls Using AI

1. Xvoyant

Drawing inspiration from the word “clairvoyant”, Xvoyant talks a big game and delivers.

Using the tool, you can set yourself up for success in your future endeavors.

Xvoyant Sales Management Softwares

Xvoyant specialises in technology and services to help sales leaders remove the guesswork and create predictable, sustainable revenue through coaching execution. Xvoyant helps create a world-class coaching culture, because world-class coaches create world-class sales teams. The product also integrates with CRM, making it the perfect tool for all sales leaders.

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2. Chorus

This is a definitive conversation intelligence platform made with sales managers in mind. Using the tool, you can discern the crucial moments to play your hand and influence sales outcomes. It’s particularly ideal for you if you’re planning to streamline real-time sales coaching and collaboration.

It’s a remarkable data-driven tool built to ensure that you’re able to benefit from insights shared by customers.

Chorus Sales Management Software

As one of the top-ranking sales management softwares, Chorus keeps the conversation going.

From a manager’s perspective, you’ll enjoy using the tool to boost brand visibility. Internally, you’re also certainly going to register better team collaboration and increased productivity.

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3. LeadIQ

Among sales management softwares, LeadIQ stands out from the pack. This is because the tool enables you to find prospects faster without resorting to manual data entry.

It’s also robust in that it provides you with avenues to enhance the efficiency of your entire sales team. All this is made possible thanks to a slew of features in its catalog. The campaign builder is also quite impressive in that it allows you to make tweaks while you’re on the go.

LeadIQ Sales Management Softwares

If you’re looking for a  system that ensures your data remains clean without duplicates, then LeadIQ is just right for you.

In addition to all these highlighted benefits, you can also add email and calls to your social selling tactics.

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4. WorkWise

This powerful and flexible platform is designed with mid-size manufacturing businesses in mind. It’s engineered to be one of a kind in that it puts more emphasis on user roles instead of modules.

This means that users can come up with screens and functions to carry out specific tasks. With more than 45 applications as part of the tool, you’re sure to register enhanced productivity whilst keeping your expenses low.

WorkWise Sales Management Softwares

The main features on offer include production scheduling and supply chain management. Other complementary features include accounting and financial capabilities.

Given this background, it’s evident to see that WorkWise is the perfect fit for you. This is especially true if you’re looking to embrace automation and grow your business using the diverse features available.

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5. Zendesk

This is an intuitive, web-based CRM platform designed for both B2B and B2C sales professionals.

Zendesk is very robust in that you can onboard the entire sales team for increased productivity. As a manager, you’ll also benefit because you’ll be able to streamline your workflow and overcome challenges.

Zendesk Sales Management

The tool also has awesome out-of-the-box reporting tools that allow you to convert data into actionable insights. This can come quite in handy in inspiring you to make the right moves and steer your sales campaign forward.

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6. HubSpot CRM

Regarded as one of the finest sales management softwares in the market, HubSpot CRM is a shining beacon. Incorporating the tool into your operations is guaranteed to bring about positive returns without really disrupting your existing workflow.

HubSpot CRM is an intelligent system that’s easy to configure without much strain. Thanks to its partnership with Google, it’s a fantastic solution that offers a bespoke solution to a bunch of niches and industries.

HubSpot Sales Management CRM

Using the tool, you can come up with successful lead generation strategies. This is possible since you have the power to easily tweak website content and distribute it to the right audiences.

From this, we can deduce HubSpot is a sure bet solution if you’re trying to get the most out of CRM systems.

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7. Salesforce

This CRM solution gives you the power to monitor all customer interactions from a single location. From the dashboard, you can effectively follow leads until they are ready for conversion.

With mobile apps available on both iOS and Android platforms, your sales team can work while on the move. The net effect of this is improved productivity irrespective of their location.

Using Salesforce, you can also close more deals because you’ll have insights into available opportunities using the Opportunity Management feature. At the same time, the Contact Management feature enables you to get a full view of all customer transactions. These options allow you to develop a winning formula on how to close more deals.

Salesforce Sales Management

If you’d like to land more leads, Salesforce is one of the best sales management software to help you do this. The tool facilitates you to track clicks, come up with campaigns and generate quality leads using a systematic pipeline.

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8. Freshsales

With an intuitive interface, Freshsales allows you to stay atop of things at all times with ease. You can also leverage the power of cloud functionality to manage your team.

At its core, Freshsales is robust enough to allow you to distribute, nurture, score, divide and verify leads using numerous communication channels.

The revenue analytics feature has enabled Freshsales to rise to the top of the pinnacle among sales management softwares. It’s currently regarded as a reporting leader and comes with a host of filters for you to compile your data and sort out results as you please.

Freshsales Sales Management

Remarkably, Freshsales has a flexible payment system in place. If you’re running a small team, you can confidently use the service free of charge. If you’re a midmarket business, you can transition to a paid package without splurging too much money. The best thing about the whole deal is that there are no recurrent costs and unexpected feed. In essence, what you pay for, is what you get.

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9. LevelEleven

Using a gamification model, LevelEleven prides itself as one of the most effective sales management softwares. Using it, you can get to identify key traits and set daily, weekly, and monthly objectives to motivate your sales reps.

LevelEleven Sales Management Softwares

LevelEleven’s platform is built to cater to brands that rely heavily on sales and service teams for enhanced productivity. Using LevelEleven, you can also create incentives and hold team contests to boost output and reward the top performers.

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The highlighted sales management softwares are sure to improve operations at your enterprise.

As you develop better relations with customers, you’re bound to realize better retention rates and more efficiency. With better analytics and reporting, you’ll also not be prone to poor business decisions while implementing different strategies.

Bonus: How To Get Actionable Insights From Your Sales Calls Using AI (Watch Now)

Having reviewed all this, we’d like to hear your take on things.

Do you think you’re ready to embrace CRM at the workplace? If so, which tools do you think will best serve your operations?

Let us know in the comments section below.


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