Anybody listening to the hubbub around the social media scene can hear the sound of bees buzzing, not crickets. A lot of the noise from the hive stems from the fact that social media platforms are now all the rage. While many platforms exist to cater to the needs of specific individuals, Pinterest just happens to be one of those that ticks all the right boxes.

Since its inception in 2010, the site has operated as an online bulletin board where users get to share their favorite images. The website’s uniqueness stems from the fact that users are able to classify their images according to specific niches. The grouping occurs in form of boards dedicated to particular eccentricities. This unique feature means that one can cover a broad spectrum of topics or choose to be identified as a brand ambassador for a particular item.


Marketing with Pinterest is easy. To monetize, you can post images that link back to your website. While being business savvy is not a bad thing, you should always remember about the social media aspect of everything. To draw more organic hits, you need to think beyond the spectrum of conventional thought.

Social media is all about forming relationships with individuals on a personal basis whilst appealing to the masses. Therefore, you need to play both roles wisely to even things out. When done well, a good social presence can help boost your customer engagement levels and expand your horizon of the target audience. You can continually reap the benefits by offering incentives and building a competitive platform. It is through the platform where people from all walks of life get to interact and bring you business.

What are Pinterest Promoted Pins?

Despite being launched way back in September 2013, many people still wonder about the nature of Pinterest Pins. So really, what are Pinterest Promoted Pins? You can think of them as Pins/advertisements that businesses cough vast amounts to get noticed by the masses.

Usually, Promoted Pins are determined based on what one’s interests are, including the things they’re into. So, if you are seeking to advertise on the platform, the best strategy is to target individuals who are aware about the nature of your business. Your Promoted Pins are likely to appear among individuals who frequently visit your site/app. Marketing with Pinterest is a bit straight-forward.

Pinterest Promoted Pins tend to do better than organic pins because of the exposure to a larger demographic.

Pinterest Ad Examples

There’s little distinction between ordinary Pins and Promoted Pins. The variance lies in the fact that the word “Promoted” usually appears at the bottom section of the Pin. Interestingly, when followers save your Promoted Pinterest ads to their Pinterest boards or share on the web, they retain the organic aura. This means that any extra traffic generated does not cost a cent.

Pinterest Video Pins

These are just like the typical Promoted Pins with the only difference being that they contain a video. They usually appear in search results and in the news feed. One of the popular Pinterest Promoted Video Pins in recent memory is the Cheetos campaign.

In the video, they were able to show a relation between their product and the Italian map. It is through such creative concepts that brands are able to stand out from the competition. That particular campaign notched an impressive 18 % bump in brand favorability.

One-tap Pins

These particular promoted pins are different in that they take Pinners directly to a website source. This is a break from the norm where Pinners usually get to view the finer details of a Pin upon clicking on it. The directness involved with one-tap pins allows Pinners to learn about products and services as marketers lie in hope that they are compelled to buy.

In a blog post, Pinterest shared that they noticed an upsurge in the number of Pinners finding purchasable items. This was right after they introduced One-Tap Pins. If you decide to implement this particular ad-concept, you should ensure that you track the cost per conversion stats. Doing so will allow you to learn about the manner Pinners respond to your products and services. From that, you can make the decision on whether to stick to the strategy.

Marketing with Pinterest

In the last annum, Pinterest president, Tim Kendall, went on record with some very audacious statements. He shared his belief that one day Pinterest’s success would become synonymous with Google’s goldmine in the search engine department. He cited that they were working towards becoming the go-to company for all things travel/food and product purchase.

At present, the company has a market value of $12.3 billion. In recent times, the company has sought to endear to tech-loving Pinners. They have successfully managed to integrate the Lens in users’ cameras. The Lens feature functions somewhat to how a search engine operates. The only difference being that it’s more visual oriented, almost something akin to the augmented reality concept. The new feature was introduced in a bid to get more people displaying products to their target audiences.

Marketing with Pinterest is a worthy venture given the rate at which the company has been growing through the years. At present, the social media site has more than 175 million active monthly users. While this number pales in comparison to other social media behemoths like Facebook and Twitter, the future looks bright. This is especially true once you consider that the engagement levels on Pinterest are through the roof. Many analysts believe that this particular trait is likely going to be responsible for driving future revenue growth. If you’re thinking about marketing with Pinterest, now seems to be as good a time as any.

Pinterest Promoted Pins cost is determined based on the number of clicks from your Pin. Since the system employed is cost-per-click, you need to submit the maximum amount you’re willing to contribute for each click you receive. Irrespective of the max figures you’ve submitted, marketing with Pinterest is relatively cheap with each click being charge at about $0.13. The amount you might end up paying is going to be influenced by factors like keywords and your interests.

Once you have set-up your campaign after clearing the air on the Pinterest Promoted Pins cost, you can proceed to track everything. This will give you a good idea on the how the gears and levers come to play. In the tracker, can view a number of interesting stats ranging from the visits, re-pins and the Click-Through-Rate (CTR).

How to Promote a Pin

To get started with marketing effectively on Pinterest, you’ll first need to have a business account. Once you have that, you can proceed with creating a campaign for your Pins. Doing this quite easy, all you need to do is tap on the + button in the profile section then highlight the Create ad option. Alternatively, you can simply navigate to the Pinterest ads website.

Pinterest Promoted Pin Walkthrough
Creating a Pinterest Promoted Pin

To pick a campaign, you need to decide on the nature of your goals. The campaign goals are divided into five. There’s the traffic campaign, an engagement-centric campaign, and an awareness campaign. The app install and video awareness campaigns are available for brands looking to boost their profiles. You can also do a couple of other extras like refining the audience, selecting where you hail from and choose the language.

Once all this is set up, you need to determine how much you’re willing to part with towards the campaign. After that is ascertained, you can choose your target audience based on their interests, gender, Location and devices used. This allows you to narrow down to specific individuals.

To wrap things up, you should select your favorite Pin to promote. For campaigns to be kickstarted, you first need to have a couple of pins on the public board. When you’re unsure about which Pin to pick, you can decide to check out the stats of the best performing Pin over the last 30 days. Choosing this option can help you make a judgment call on which Pin you’d like to do numbers.

You can add a website link to your pin to maximize on the hits registered. Since everything is now set up, you’re free to comfortably ease back to your recliner and start tracking how the campaign is fairing. This is done on the Conversion Tracking option on your profile.


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