Thanks to the advancement of technology, video editing has become simplified. Gone are the days when you had to partner up with the likes of Christopher Nolan just to come up with buzzworthy content. While it’s true that Hollywood productions tend to have massive budgets, it’s also possible for you to come up with scintillating content without having to spend vast sums.

Of course, for that to happen, there are some prerequisites necessary. Some knowhow of cinematography is of the essence. With that, you can choose to expand your reach. At present, video content has mass appeal on social media platforms. With the help of social media video apps, you can take on the world.

Since not all editing applications are created equal, we’ll be looking to share a countdown of the top 15 social media video apps.

15 Best Social Media Video Apps in 2019

1. Animoto


Animoto has awesome editing capabilities. Fully cognizant that not everyone has the luxury of spending eons on producing content, the developers worked on producing a great software for users to thrill without getting stressed out. The templates offered are sure to massively help with your creative process.

  • User-friendly. The drag and drop intuitive interface allows you to churn out solid videos without seeking help
  • Polished videos. You can play around and customize your video as you please without much of a hassle.
  • You can make videos super quickly. Even as a beginner, you can come up with great content in a couple of minutes. This time-saving aspect is a definite win for Animoto.
  • Regular updates. While the app is robust already, the developers behind Animoto are always working round the clock to provide new features through updates.

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Price: 14 days free trial, Annual plan starts $5/month, Monthly starts at $9/month

2. Hyperlapse


Ever wondered how you can come up with great time-lapse videos? Well, worry no more! Hyperlapse is a great app that allows you to speed up videos by as much as 12 times. If you want, you can also shoot videos as you normally would without missing a beat. In case you want to iron out a shaky video, you can trust on Hyperlapse to do the job for you.

  • Nifty time-lapse effects
  • Intuitive interface which makes it easy to use
  • Silky smooth video production
  • Beautiful design

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Price: Free

3. Magisto


This fully automated video editing tool is powered by AI algorithms to produce fantastic content. You can merge sections of videos to make a brand new video with ease. You can spruce up your production by adding filters and layering the background with some music. Once your video is ready, you can share it across various social media platforms since the app supports optimization of video for such.

  • Has multiple themes
  • Features commercially licensed music
  • You can add logos and captions with ease
  • You can come up with lengthy videos

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Price: 7 days free trial, Monthly plan starts at $9.99 and Yearly plan starts at $4.99/month

4. Moovly


This is one of the finest social media video apps in the market. It comes loaded with numerous templates and a tone of video clips, audio files, and animated items to select from. The app is robust enough to allow you to come up with bedazzling explainer videos, videos ads, YouTube intros, and many more.

  • Simple interface which makes it easy for you to add new videos and make animations on the fly
  • There’s plenty of video templates to choose from. You can also make videos from scratch if you want to.
  • Access to some of the largest stock media libraries online like Storyblocks and Shutterstock
  • Easy to export to social media platforms like YouTube since the file format is highly compatible.

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Price: Free trial with watermark, Monthly option starts at $49 while the Yearly subscription starts at $24.92

5. Shakr


The app appeals from the get-go. It is made to suit enterprises and companies of all sizes. Using it, you can come up with great content for your social media platforms. The fact that it allows you to import various media files in its drag and drop builder is quite impressive. In a matter of moments, you can come up with professional grade advertisements without breaking a sweat.

  • You can quickly convert videos to ads for social media platforms
  • Large template library complete with music
  • Easy to use
  • Different video creation options. You can come up with digital signage videos, social media videos, and product videos in a matter of moments

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Price: Standard subscription is $99/month, pro is $179/month and the Onbrand subscription has a custom pricing upon request

6. Biteable


Regardless of your prowess as a video maker, you can come up with professional videos with ease using Biteable. It ranks highly among social media video apps thanks to its ease of operation. The template library is sorted well to ensure that there some consistency of graphics. This means that you can your creative brainstorming process is much simpler.

  • Intuitive interface
  • Has hundreds of video clips and images in their specially curated templates
  • Versatile tool meaning you can create anything from explainer videos to inspirational quotes with ease.
  • Great quality of video elements

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Price: Free trial, Monthly plan starts at $29, Yearly plan starts at $20

7. Promo by Slidely

Promo by Slidely social media video app

Promo does away with the need for you to spend ages working on video production. As one of the most renowned social media video apps, Promo by Slidely features a large template library that is ready for you to engage with and come up with that next masterpiece.

  • You can easily add effects and music to your video slideshows
  • Quick conversion of photos and videos into movies
  • You can come up with picturesque collages without straining
  • A great tool to produce scintillating marketing videos
  • User-friendly

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Price: Free trial, Monthly plan starts at $49, Yearly plan starts at $39

8. Animaker

Among social media video apps, this is definitely a gem. As a cloud-based editing solution, you can make use of the various tools to come up with great presentations for distribution on social media platforms.

  • Has 6 popular video styles i.e. infographics, whiteboard videos, 2D videos, 2.5D videos, handcrafted videos and more
  • There’s a wide range of character sets
  • Has built-in animation tools
  • An exciting online learning center for you to get some information on how to maneuver
  • The special effects on offer are sure to spruce up your video

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Price: Has a free trial, Private plan from $12/month, Startup plan from $19/month, Company plan from $39/month

9. Adobe Premiere Pro


This is one of the most powerful video editing apps out there. Experts in the post-production and editing field love using Adobe Premiere Pro to come up with stunning videos. Thanks to its robustness, it can handle a number of different formats like HD, HDV, and Flash Video

  • Built-in non-linear video editing capabilities
  • You can edit videos in real time
  • Great at producing high-quality video and audio scenes
  • Has immersive VR support

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Price: Free trial. You can also access the Creative Cloud network on different plans. Individuals plan from $20.99/month, a Business plan from $33.99/month, Students and Teachers plan from $19.99/month, Schools and Universities from $14.99/month

10. Adobe Spark


This cloud-based video creation tool allows you to quickly create content for your social media channels. To get started, you need to simply highlight the style and theme of your preference. There’s also the added benefit of adding your own voice or accessing some free soundtracks to your presentation.

  • Easy customization of available designs
  • You can save your awesome concepts as templates
  • Virtually anyone can come up with stunning graphics for the web
  • Allows you to upload square video formats (1:1 aspect ratio) on social media platforms

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Price: Free, You can upgrade to $9.99/month

11. Shotcut


This open source editor is one of the supreme social media video apps. Despite being offered for free, it has amazing features that are sure to enhance your video. You can use the preview panel to check out edits as you progress. The native timeline editing capabilities allow you to mix & match frames and resolutions with ease.

  • The modular interface is great at managing your workflow
  • Chroma keying and amazing filters which allow you to customize your videos with ease
  • Wide range of import and export formats
  • Has a flexible interface
  • A cross-platform video editor

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Price: Free

12. Splice – Video Editor & Maker


Made by the team at GoPro, this is one of the most responsive social media video apps. Thanks to its intuitive interface, video creation is a breeze. As the name suggests, you can splice up various videos and stitch them up to produce amazing content.

  • Simple to use. You can get right to editing videos in a matter of minutes
  • You can play around with different transitions
  • Allows you to directly upload to social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook
  • Has an extensive audio library with plenty of royalty free music spanning different genres

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Price: Free

Available for: iOS devices like iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch

13. Videorama Text & Video Editor


This solid video editor available on iPhone and iPads allows you to choose from 3 different orientations, square, portrait, or landscape. If you’re a frequent Instagrammer, then, we’re certain you know all about the benefits of capturing square images. There are a number of great editing tools right from the timeline.

  • Cool text effects and filters
  • Has an inspiring range of VFX and SFX templates
  • The intuitive interface allows you to slickly create various video concepts
  • The auto-save feature ensures you never lose progress made

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Price: Free

14. FiLMiC


Filmic Pro is one of the best social media video apps and comes available on iOS and Android platforms. Using it, you have access to fine-tuned control over your phone’s camera. The ability to record at any frame rate and aspect ratio are other great features which you can unlock by purchasing the app. The time-lapse mode and log recording capabilities are fantastic features which make your post-production efforts much easier.

  • Clean and simple interface
  • Easy to use manual controls
  • Great automatic overlays that are perfect for focus and exposure shots
  • Has some amazing color controls
  • You can enable 4 live analytic views at the top of the app i.e. Zebra Stripes, Focus Peaking, False Color, and Clipping

Learn more about FiLMiC

Price: $14.99

15. Lumen5


Among social media video apps, Lumen5 stands out. The video editing solution allows you to turn blog posts into social videos. As a platform powered by AI, businesses, and brands can come up with thought-provoking videos for their marketing campaigns with ease. You can upload blog posts by keying in the URL and then proceeding to pick relevant content from the storyboard.

  • The Instant Videos feature is great since you can simply recline in your seat and let the magic happen.
  • Comes with amazing automatic features
  • Has a robust royalty-free media selection
  • Favors bloggers, influencers and storytellers looking to spread their narratives through video

Learn more about Lumen5

Price: Monthly plan starts at $29, Yearly plan starts at $19/month


The future is here. Video marketing is increasingly playing an important role in the marketing world. An estimated 87% of professionals now use video to market their wares. This seems to be motivated by the growing demand for video content all around the world.

Having highlighted some of the top social media video apps, we’re certain you’ll have fun interacting with various audiences. Most of the listed tools are easy to learn and can deliver results in no time. Having pointed this out, it’s imperative for you to conduct research and determine which suits you the best. Don’t hesitate to download a couple and check out the free trial features. Performing a test drive is recommended since it gives you a clear picture of what to expect once a tool is part of your strategy. After all, seeing is believing.

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