Looking for a YouTube alternative? We’ve got you covered.

When people discuss online content viewing and video creation and hosting, YouTube comes to most people’s minds first. That makes complete sense when the platform has over 1.9 billion monthly active logged-in users

However, with constant guidelines being revised without any given notice and a crack-down on specific content, some users are looking for alternatives to YouTube. To help, we’ve listed the best sites just like YouTube for you to test out.

Without further ado, here are the best YouTube alternatives in 2019.

YouTube Alternatives You Should Try Out in 2019

1. Vimeo

When it comes to video streaming alternatives, Vimeo is right at the very top of the food chain. The platform has amassed quite a following among filmmakers eager to showcase their work to the world.

Thankfully, it delivers in this regard excellently. A large reason behind this lies in the fact that there are minimal background distractions to divert viewers’ attention from the real action. Once the content is uploaded, you’re certain your audience will enjoy the very essence of it. Right to the final drop.

In essence, this means that viewers will spend longer periods checking out what you’re all about. In the long run, this results in better reception of your message. A growing audience is any marketer’s dream.

Vimeo YouTube Alternative

While at it, it’s important that we point out Vimeo does have a couple of drawbacks. The platform has a 500MB weekly upload cap. While this may be perfectly okay with some people, it does limit a significant portion of the creative world who upload a large quantity of 4K videos on the web.

In a bid to mitigate this, Vimeo offers users an option to upgrade the upload limit to 5GB. As impressive as this is, it’s still undeniably still child’s play compared to the quantity uploaded to YouTube with each passing day.

2. Twitch

If you’re a sports enthusiast, you’ve probably noticed various stars like Griezmann do the “Fortnite dance” after scoring a goal. Interestingly, before he debuted it on the world stage, the dance had already become popular among gaming fans on platforms like Twitch.

Indeed, Twitch has come a long way from just a favorite medium for viewers to share gaming content. Millions of internet users around the world consider Twitch as the best platform to “live broadcast” videos. There’s plenty of game-based content to be found there in massive quantities.

Twitch YouTube Alternative

This makes it the undisputed platform in enticing gamers and content livestreamers to the website.


From the onset, Instagram looked to have covered all bases with the introduction of the stories feature to complement their traditional image-based uploads.

Turns out that they were just getting started.

Not too long ago, they launched their very own streaming platform going by the name IGTV. What’s interesting about their approach is the fact that the videos are vertical in nature and quite lengthy. Given the specifications, it seems the developers behind IGTV made the whole concept best for smartphone consumption just like the Instagram app itself.


IGTV users can easily follow various channels that appeal to them or simply check out suggestions on the feed. Viewers can simply search for a video they’d like to watch and tune in. If they enjoy the video, they’re able to share it to others too.

4. Vevo

This is one of the best YouTube alternatives out there. It’s particularly popular among music video fans as their go-to streaming platform. There’s an assorted collection of music videos on the website which means that users can immerse themselves in nothing by the music. Vevo offers high-quality sound, lyrics and audible vocals for your listening pleasure.

As the saying goes, music is food for the soul. Tuning in to Vevo for a quick listen can be incredibly therapeutic. You may find yourself recharged and ready to make the next sales call or start off on a new campaign.


The only downside to the platform is that the content is not as diverse as YouTube because of the content limitations. This means that there’s always the odd chance you may find yourself disappointed in the selection once you decide to snoop around.

5. Dailymotion

Dailymotion ranks highly among YouTube alternatives. This is because the platform’s design is somewhat similar to YouTube. Amazingly, Dailymotion also ticks all the right boxes YouTube does when it comes to offering video categories.

This means that you can consistently start streaming right from the comfort of your home.

Dailymotion is a YouTube alternative

Remarkably, HD video uploads are restricted to pro users. It’s also noteworthy that they’ve imposed a 4GB video limit. This restriction seems to favor uploads spanning about 60 minutes in length. While the current restriction is good enough for music videos, it may inhibit uploaders seeking to share educational content on the web.

6. TED

The TED website is full of thousands of talks dissecting a myriad of topics like business, design, technology, science and current world affairs.

Thanks to the dynamic content, the message of the talks are either funny or emotional. The speakers sometimes delve into deep issues like the workings of the human mind.

TED Talks

Having shared that, it’s probably important to remember that you’re probably going to pick up a couple of things from the overall experience.  This is largely because most of the shows are usually covered by key industry leaders and educational doyens.

TED makes for a great YouTube substitute if you’re pressed for time. Videos with a span of less than 6 minutes are typically tagged with an easy to spot red bar.

7. Metacafe

Despite have a 90-second limit on video uploads, Metacafe sits pretty as one of the leading community-based video platforms. Content streamers flock on the platform to check out different videos uploaded by the rest of the online world.

To really appreciate the power of Metacafe, you need to think of it as a haven of shortened clips. Judging it based on the number of views garnered is not the best way to do it since it’s not tailored for mass consumption.

Impressively, the platform manages to record about 40 million unique viewers which is quite remarkable when you factor in that most content uploaded is quality.

8. 9Gag TV

If you’re active on both Twitter and Facebook, then, there’s a good chance you’ve come across the 9Gag brand on your browsing ventures. The channel has become renown for supplying an endless quantity of entertainment in the form of memes, cool images, and shareable GIFs.


However, its true power lies in its video potential. There are numerous videos. When rating 9Ggag TV on pure entertainment value alone, then, the platform blows many of the competition out of the water.

9. Flickr

Unbeknownst to many, Flickr actually allows users on the platform to upload content like videos for others to check out. While there are size restrictions during upload, videos have a home at Flickr. That said, the site is not robust enough to support numerous video features, but it manages to pull off the video option smoothly.

To get started, you can create your own free account and qualify for the option of uploading 90-second videos on Flickr. Despite this shortcoming, Flickr is an excellent YouTube alternative which has continually won over fans through the years.

We also love it’s particularly clean and intuitive user interface which is welcoming to newbies.

10. Facebook Watch

Generally, we use Facebook’s search bar when we’re looking for friends, or looking for particular groups and pages. A close inspection at the search option will reveal something interesting about it, it’s quite more powerful. Just try searching videos there and sit back in amazement at the numerous suggestions recommended.

Many people don’t seem to know the power contained in Facebook’s search option. The feature is robust enough to compile visual content en masse, almost just as impressively as YouTube does. There, you can find tutorials, music videos, funny clips, memes, you name it.

To get started, just key in a particular topic of interest and choose the videos tab on the search results page. That way, you’ll be able to see all the relevant videos from the keyword you’ve input.

Since it’s still in development stages, the search functionality does not allow you to narrow down your results with filters. The only optimization provided is the luxury of sorting out the videos according to year of publication and sources.

YouTube Alternatives Conclusion

Truthfully speaking, there’s isn’t a single website that can come toe-to-toe with YouTube when comparing the content repository. However, viewers and creators can make good use of the aforementioned alternatives to spice things up.

We’re certain you’ll discover a couple of gems for your streaming pleasure. Enjoy!


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