Situational sales interview questions are starting to become more common with top-tier companies in a number of industries. These type of questions were originally used in both medical and pharmaceutical sales interviews.

To help you with answering them, and the best way to approach them, we’ve highlighted the common questions below.

10 Most Common Sales Situational Interview Questions

#1 – Tell me, what separates you from the rest of your sales team?

#2 – Give me an example of a creative way you managed to close a sale?

#3 – Share with me an example of a recent goal you set yourself in the past and the steps you took to achieve it?

#4 – What type of obstacles get in your way at work and how do you go about overcoming them?

#5 – Tell me an example of a time you went above and beyond the call of duty?

#6 – What’s your typical day at work?

#7 – Share with me a time when you worked exceptionally hard for something and yet you did not achieve your goal?

#8 – What sort of things do you often do to increase your overall effectiveness on the job?

#9 – Describe to me a typical sales call?

#10 – What would you bring to my company?

How To Answer Sales Situational Interview Questions:

Answering sales situational interview questions can be a little tough for some people. The best way to answer these questions is to provide specific examples and scenarios that have happened.

Following the SAR model, also known as Situation, Action and Result is a good starting point.

When it comes to sales situational interview questions, you may also be asked to roleplay. This would usually consist of a sales call, so you’ll need to remember the keys to success. This includes building a rapport, identifying the needs, selling to the needs of the prospect, trial close, overcoming objections and the close.


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