Coming up with a unique YouTube name for your brand new channel can be very tough, especially if you are looking for something that is short, catchy and memorable.

Thankfully, there’s plenty of YouTube name generators on the web.

These are tools that will generate a list of YouTube channel names based on the keyword(s) you input. To help you out with choosing the best possible name for your channel, we’ve listed the top YouTube name generator tools available.

The Best YouTube Name Generators:

*Please note these tools are in no particular order. They are all fantastic at their own job and consist of their own helpful features.

1. SpinXO YouTube Name Generator

The SpinXO YouTube channel name generator is a brilliant free tool that generates great ideas for your channel name based on the topics you enter, a focus or niche, specific keywords, things you like, important words to include and specific numbers or letters needed.

The results are varied and can turn out fairly quirky.

YouTube Name Generator

2. Name Generator

YouTube Name Generator is a free tool on the web for those who are looking to generate a funky catchy YouTube name.

Name Generator for YouTube

The tool allows you to enter both a prefix and/or suffix. However, when doing so, the suggested YouTube name can become quite lengthy, so give it a go with and without.

3. BNG – Business Name Generator

The BNG is not only for business names but works fantastic for YouTube too. The tool is simple to use and generates plenty of usernames along with providing additional filters and options to narrow down the results even more.

BNG YouTube Name Generator
YouTube Name Generator Results

4. Kparser YouTube Channel Name Generator

Kparser is another useful online YouTube Name Generator where you can input keywords and browse the advanced functions available to help generate suggestions for YouTube names.

Kparser YouTube Channel Name Suggestions

The tool is free and very handy during the brand name process. The tool also allows you to view keywords worth including in your channel name, description, video tags and much more.

5. YouTube Username Generator Tool

The Username Generator tool works perfectly for those looking to find a catchy YouTube name. Simply enter a name or something you like, a topic keyword etc… Then select the length, for example, less than 10 characters, 15 or 18 characters.

YouTube Username Generator

Using the above tools will help you with creating a catchy YouTube Channel Name, one of the key important parts to running a successful YouTube channel.

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